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Journey to Cherchen and Other Tales
United States - Book - Paperback - Historical Fantasy, 12 years ago, 985 hits
If you're tired of visiting the same old places and willing to try something that isn't "on the same page" as the others, this is the read for you. A multicultural collection of stories based on mythological themes.

Why Marry A Millionaire? Just Be One! Book
United States - Book - Business - Biz Startup Resource, 12 years ago, 910 hits
How to master the Millionaire Mindset. An updated version of "Think and Grow Rich." When you absolutely want to make a million dollars in 2 years or less.

Blood's Voice
United States - Book - Ebook - Paperback, 12 years ago, 1013 hits
This is the ongoing journey of Anya and Nicholas, human loving vampires and the human they love, Declán. What makes it more complicated is that they are abominations in their own world and Declán is a natural born vampire hunter called a Guardian.

The Great Blame Game Escape
United States - Book - Soft Cover Or Ebook - Soft Cover Book, 13 years ago, 642 hits
The Great Blame Game Escape is an effective business or personal book that examines our society and how personal responsibility is all but lost. You and your organization can break free from the Blame Game and claim success with empowerment.

New Book: Still Hurting? FIND HEALTH! by Salt & Hudson
United States - Book - Soft Cover Or Ebook - Trade Paperback, 13 years ago, 765 hits
The new book, Still Hurting? FIND HEALTH! Discover What's Behind Your SYMPTOMS (That Doctors Can't Explain) by William B Salt II MD & Thomas L Hudson MDiv JD helps people who hurt with symptoms and pain (that doctors can't explain).

"A Seed for Cora Lee"
United States - Book - Soft Cover Or Ebook, 13 years ago, 539 hits
The bayous of Louisiana can be a difficult place to live; but too often they are an easy place to die! Cora Lee and her family are destined to confront maximum evil as their faiths are tested by supernatural events that have overtaken New Orleans.

Yella's Prayers
United States - Book - Paperback - Paperback Novel, 13 years ago, 600 hits
This engaging, amusing, and moving novel chronicles one young woman’s year of change and discovery as she tries to determine what she should do about two young men in her life, even while she better learns what it means for her to fervently pray.

Write Your Genius, Genius!: A Rather Quick Guide to Book Writing
United States - Book - Paperback - Reference, 13 years ago, 520 hits
Do you want to write a book? This simple and insightful guide will help you reach your launching point. You’ll discover just how possible it is to tap into your genius. You’ll never view your writing, or yourself, in the same way again!

The Last Cigarette - Memoir & Manual
United States - Book - Soft Cover Or Ebook - Trade Paperback, 13 years ago, 447 hits
A funny, moving little tale about one woman's love affair with nicotine.. and the plan she used to quit and stay quit. By Cece Serrant

Uncovering the Logic of English
United States - Book - Soft Cover Or Ebook - Trade Paperback, 13 years ago, 489 hits
Uncovering the Logic of English reverses the widely held belief that English is illogical by explaining 98% of English words and demonstrating how this knowledge revolutionizes reading, spelling, and vocabulary development.

The Frugal Lifestyle Plan
United States - Book - Ebook - Frugal Living, 13 years ago, 475 hits
An eBook designed to help shrink household bills through an eight step plan. The Frugal Lifestyle Plan was written as a road map for guiding people toward saving hundreds of dollars each month.

Just Close Your Eyes and Write 100 Poems in 100 Hours
United States - Book - Soft Cover Or Ebook - Soft Cover Book, 13 years ago, 644 hits
Just Close Your Eyes and Write…100 Poems in 100 Hours, chronicles the poetry and writing process of an interactive experiment to pen 100 poems in just 100 hours.

Faithful Revolution: How Voice of the Faithful Is Changing the Church
United States - Book, 13 years ago, 605 hits
Faithful Revolution: How Voice of the Faithful is Changing the Church by Tricia Colleen Bruce offers an in-depth look at the development of VOTF in response to the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Oxford University Press. Spring 2011.

View From the Dashboard
United States - Book - Ebook, 13 years ago, 589 hits
Named for the St. Christopher dashboard ornament, Long Island bookstore owner Christopher Raines has led an ostensibly uneventful but fun life. This changes during an affair with an artist who breaks his heart, but inspires him to seek new borders.

Racing with the Stars
United States - Book, 13 years ago, 648 hits
Racing with the Stars reveals how Paul Newman became lead driver for the Bob Sharp Racing team, and how his skills reach a high point for the racing team with the addition of actor Tom Cruise and football legend Walter Payton as team drivers.

Rebel without a Deal book
United States - Book - Ebook - Paperback, 13 years ago, 729 hits
The book covers how a 9th grade dropout made his first movie in five days for $11k, landed and lost a multi-million dollar deal with National Lampoon, later releaseing the movie through Warner Bros. where it went on to gross over one million dollars.

Sales Hiring Course
United States - Book - Sales Hiring, 13 years ago, 575 hits
An Ontine sales hiring course that gives sales managers a new way of looking at sales hiring that almost always works to hire better salespeople

Fighters and Writers by John G. Rodwan, Jr.
United States - Book - Essays - Sports-Boxing, 13 years ago, 602 hits
“A spirited and far-ranging meditation on boxing that's also a thoughtful inquiry into the relationship between the writer's craft and the fighter's.” – Carlo Rotella, author of Cut Time: An Education at the Fights

God's Song: Finding Truth in Music
United States - Book, 13 years ago, 757 hits
Painted with poignant symbolism, readers will become enveloped in this incredible true story that exposes the mystery and wonder of one of God's most precious gifts-song.

Gracie: Standing with Hope
United States - Book, 13 years ago, 682 hits
Eventually, we must face losing control of our bodies, causing many to live in fear and despair. Sometimes, this loss of control happens in a violent and tragic way, birthing a discovery of greater truths to individuals through suffering.

New Creation: One Man's Six Day Transformation
United States - Book, 13 years ago, 691 hits
Hardworking journalist Sean Wallace cannot believe his good fortune when he lands a high-profile story about a bank vice-president who embezzled money.

Peril on the Sea
United States - Book, 13 years ago, 718 hits
Uncontrollable events place three individuals on divergent paths that will lead them into monumental tests of their faith. This novel is the first in a series detailing the War in the Pacific.

Parents of Children with Disabilities: A Survival Guide for Fathers and Mothers
United States - Book, 13 years ago, 774 hits
This book is an immensely valuable resource. The Barnhills offer practical help for navigating the emotional and relational pitfalls common to parents of children with disabilities. Their advice is concrete, realistic, and encouraging

The Princess Journal
United States - Book, 13 years ago, 762 hits
This devotional will take you through the process of embracing your royal status and approaching each day as a daughter of the most High King.

My Secret Place: Living with AIDS and Addiction
United States - Book, 13 years ago, 698 hits
A secret homosexual lifestyle left him dying of AIDS. But a miracle came when he fixed his eyes on God.

Play Your Hand Well
United States - Book, 13 years ago, 763 hits
This book may change your life! Play Your Hand Well is not a diet book; it is a lifestyle book written in a non-threatening, positive and uplifting way.

Reward: Collect Millions for Reporting Tax Evasion
United States - Book, 13 years ago, 740 hits
The new IRS Whistleblower Reward Program pays you up to 30% of the unpaid taxes it collects. That means if a company or individual you know about underpaid their taxes, you could receive huge rewards for reporting them.

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