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OLY laser diode driver
Lithuania - Electronics - Laser Diode Driver, 13 years ago, 649 hits
Only LDD is the medium power CW or pulsed laser diode driver. Small size unit incorporates on-board LCD user and USB 2.0 interface. Low heat management allow easy LDD integration in medical, industrial and portable laser applications.

Compact OEM Chassis Mount Laser Diode Driver Supplies Up to 20A Drive Current
United States - Electronics - Laser Diode Driver, 14 years ago, 489 hits
The PLD-CH Laser Diode Driver comes in a compact, chassis mount package, with adjustable trimpots, status indicators, and cabling. Ideal for applications requiring current stability in minimal space.

LDTC1020 Complete Laser Diode Control in a Compact Package
United States - Electronics - Laser Diode Driver - & Temp Controller, 14 years ago, 648 hits
The LDTC1020 includes two low noise FL500s and drives up to 1 Amp of stable, safe laser diode current. The ultra-stable WTC3243 provides up to 2.2 A of bipolar current for a TEC or resistive heater.

FL593 Provides Configurable USB for Low Noise Remote Laser Diode Control
United States - Electronics - Laser Diode Driver, 14 years ago, 412 hits
The FL593 brings the low noise FL500 laser diode driver under USB control. This full speed USB controller comes with a robust driver, a simple Windows™ interface, and an easy-to-use development API.

FL500 Reflow Compatible Low Noise Laser Diode Driver
United States - Electronics - Laser Diode Driver, 14 years ago, 486 hits
The low noise FL500 Laser Diode Driver comes in an SMT package that is compatible with higher temperature RoHS-compliant manufacturing processes.

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