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OLY laser diode driver

Only LDD is the medium power CW or pulsed laser diode driver. Small size unit incorporates on-board LCD user and USB 2.0 interface. Low heat management allow easy LDD integration in medical, industrial and portable laser applications.

Manufacturer - Altechna Co. Ltd.
Model # - Only1
Submitted By - ALTECHNA (Manufacturer)
Country - Lithuania
Category - Electronics : Laser Diode Driver

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Peak current in QCW o :   30 A
Repetition rate in QC :   up to 500 kHz
Min. pulse width :   1 μs
Max. pulse width :   5ms
Max. average current :   15 A
Max. output voltage :   12 V
Aiming beam current :   250mA (uo to 6V)
Total standart power :   113 W
OEM power :   Up to 144 W


ONLY laser diode driver is aimed at control of low-to-middle power DPSS lasers with cooling of the laser diode based on air or water flow instead of termo-electric peltier elements.
Only LDD is the medium power CW or pulsed mode laser diode driver. Small size microprocessor based unit incorporates on-board LCD user interface and USB 2.0 interface for convenient and versatile control of the diode or DPSS laser. Low heat management requirements allow easy integration of the laser diode driver in various applications, including medical workstations, industrial laser diode based systems and portable laser applications.
Cost effective CW/QCW laser diode driver.15 A average output current; short current pulse rise/fall time durations in QCW mode. Quartz based pulse generator onboard. Fan or water pump advanced PID controller for laser diode cooling. Aiming beem driver onboard. LCD text user interface (touch screen as an option).


* QCW and CW operation modes
* Integrated quartz based pulse generator
* 2 fan/water pump controllers
* Standard mini USB 2.0 interface for remote control
* Low current aiming beam laser diode driver
* Interlock channel on D-SUB37 for connection of key e. stop or power on switch
* Gate function for pulse trains generation or control of laser diode from external pulse generator
* Two NTC inputs; the second input can be programmed to support external control pedal (for medical applications)
* Two lines text LCD screen. Color touch TFT screen is an option


* Peak current in QCW operation mode - 30A
* Repetition rate in QCW operation - up to 500 kHz
* Min. pulse width - 1 μs
* Max. pulse width - 5ms
* Max. average current - 15A
* Max. output voltage - 12V
* Aiming beam current - 250mA (uo to 6V)
* 113 W total power in standart configuration
* Up to 144 W available in OEM applications

Only LDD laser diode driver is perfectly suited for direct laser diode applications: medicine, material processing; high energy but low average power DPSS lasers.

* Price EUR 1190
* OEM price (without enclosure) EUR 800


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