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The Weekend Retailer
United States - Software - Sales Automation - Accounting, 13 years ago, 576 hits
The Weekend Retailer is a sales and sales tax transaction recorder as well as a means for computing sales revenue based on number of units and the agreed price. Sales tax can be assigned, computed and remittance displayed for related sales period.

Flare-up Disorder Monitoring
United States - Software - Health & Fitness - Recording-Evaluating, 13 years ago, 694 hits
This product is a standalone Gnumeric spreadsheet which is easy to use and well documented. It sets forth a vast number of of existing conditions in the home, the workplace and in the environment which can have an impact on someone health.

Holistic Health Regimen and Schedule
United States - Software - Health & Fitness - Tracking-Summarizing, 13 years ago, 577 hits
A standalone, easy to use and well documented Gnumeric spreadsheet which allows a user to schedule and track activities such as exercise, prayer and meditation, scripture-reading and chanting and the use of dietary supplements and medication.

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