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Desktop is standard (3)


3" H x 8" D x 8" W (5)


LED or computer terminal via remote port (3)

Manual Control

Pushbutton (3)


Electro Standards Laboratories (42)

UL Approved Power Mod

120VAC, 60Hz supplies 12VDC, 500mA (5)


1300 nm (4)

1300nm (3)

1310 nm (3)

850 nm (6)

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UL Approved Power Mod=120VAC, 60Hz supplies 12VDC, 500mA

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Model 6282 A/B Switch, 850nm, SC Duplex, Secure Remote Access
United States - Fiber Switch - A/B Switch - SC Duplex, 13 years ago, 622 hits
Model 6282 employs Micro Electro Mechanical System based multi-mode switches ensuring insertion losses of less than 2.5 dB and gigabit network switching. Control the Model 6282 via pushbutton or remotely from an RS-232 serial port.

Model 6280 Fiber Optic A/B Switch, LC Duplex, Remote Serial Control
United States - Fiber Switch - A/B Switch - LC Duplex, 13 years ago, 732 hits
Model 6280 LC Fiber Optic Multimode A/B Switch with local and remote access allows accessing of two separate Fiber Optic Networks or Devices connected to the COMMON port. This multimode switch supports 1300 nm wavelength and gigabit data rate.

Model 6275 ST, Fiber Optic, 8-Position Switch with Off-Line Position
United States - Fiber Switch - 8-Position - ST Duplex, 13 years ago, 845 hits
QuickSwitch® 6275 ST Duplex 8-position Fiber Optic Switch with Remote Serial Control allows switching one Common ST Duplex port to any one of eight ST Duplex ports, or to be switched to an Off-Line position isolating all ports from each other.

M6257 Quad Channel A/B Switch, ST Duplex, Remote
United States - Fiber Switch - A/B Switch - 4-Channel, 13 years ago, 841 hits
QuickSwitch® 6257 Quad Channel Fiber Optic AB Switch allows devices connected to COMMON port of each channel access to the A or B port on each channel. All channels are switched simultaneously.

M6212 ST Duplex Fiber Optic 10-Position Switch, Remote Port
United States - Fiber Switch - 10-Position Switch - ST Duplex, 13 years ago, 693 hits
Model 6212 ST Duplex 10-position Fiber Optic Switch with Remote Ethernet Port allows switching one Common ST Duplex port to any one of ten ST Duplex ports. The Remote Ethernet Port allows for both Telnet and GUI remote control.

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