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Ultrasonic PCB, Generator
China - Electronics - Generator - Ultrasonic Generator, 11 years ago, 420 hits
We have developed and produce ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic PCB to drive the ultrasonic transducers.

Utrasonic beauty cavitation transducer
China - Beauty - Beauty Machine - Beauty Probe, 11 years ago, 702 hits
Ultrasonic cavitation transducers are used for esthetic machine for weight loss, it can generate high intensified and continuous ultrasonic wave. This will make the fat tissue liquefied without influencing the surrounding tissue and blood vessels.

28K, 60W ultrasonic transducer
China - Electronics - Piezo - Ultrasonictransducer, 11 years ago, 513 hits
The ultrasonic cleaning transducer belonging to Langevin oscillator structure. Imposed by appropriate pre-stress, the transducer has good mechanical and electrical conversion efficiency under high power and large-amplitude conditions.

40K, 60W Ultrasonic cleaning transducer
China - Electronics - Piezoelectric - Ultrasonictransducer, 11 years ago, 268 hits
ultrasonic cleaning transducer, used for various ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic cleaning equipment. This model is very popular items for some a little fine electric parts, fruits, vegetable,etc.

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