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Utrasonic beauty cavitation transducer

Ultrasonic cavitation transducers are used for esthetic machine for weight loss, it can generate high intensified and continuous ultrasonic wave. This will make the fat tissue liquefied without influencing the surrounding tissue and blood vessels.

Manufacturer - Hainertec (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Model # - HNM
Submitted By - Ultrasonic Transducer (Manufacturer, Owner)
Country - China
Category - Beauty : Beauty Machine : Beauty Probe

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frequency :   28K
power :   70w


The ultrasonic beauty cavitation transducer are for ultrasonic beauty machines. It looks similar to the ultrasoic cleaning transducer, but needs special assembly technique and much better material to reduce the heater and bear high temperature.

This series of products are very popular in domestic and all around the world.
Model Frequency Capacitance Impedance Dia*H Power
(KHz) (pF) (Ω) (mm) (W)
HNM-4SS-1540 40 KHz±1.0 3500±10% ≤25Ω 18*56 20w
HNM-4SS-2540 40 KHz±1.0 3000±10% ≤25Ω 30*50 30w
HNM-4AH-3540 40 KHz±1.0 4400±10% ≤25Ω 45*55 60w
HNM-4SS-3540 40 KHz±1.0 4400±10% ≤25Ω 35*55 60w
HNM-4SS-3528 28 KHz±0.8 4400±10% ≤25Ω 45*79 70w
HNM-4SS-3833 33 KHz±1.0 5400±10% ≤25Ω 45*61 70w
HNM-4SH-3840 40 KHz±1.0 5400±10% ≤25Ω 48*52 70w
HNM-4SS-3840 40 KHz±1.0 5400±10% ≤25Ω 40*58 70w
HNM-8SH-3833 33 KHz±0.8 4300±10% ≤25Ω 48*61 70w
HNM-8SE-3828/40 28/40 KHz±1.5 4300±10% ≤35Ω 65*70 70w
HNM-8AS-2535 34 KHz±1.5 1700±10% ≤35Ω 25*150 50W
HNM-8AE-2540 40KHz±1.5 1300±10% ≤50Ω 28*72 50W


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