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28K, 60W ultrasonic transducer

The ultrasonic cleaning transducer belonging to Langevin oscillator structure. Imposed by appropriate pre-stress, the transducer has good mechanical and electrical conversion efficiency under high power and large-amplitude conditions.

Manufacturer - Hainertec (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Model # - HNC-4SH-3828
Submitted By - Ultrasonic Transducer (Manufacturer, Owner)
Country - China
Category - Electronics : Piezo : Ultrasonictransducer

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Frequency :   28K
Power :   60W
effective :   50W
Capacitance :   4800
Dia*H :   59*68mm


Resonance frequency( KHz ): 28K
Static capacitance( pF ): 4800
Resonance impedance( Omega; ): 20
Size(D*H): 59*68 mm
Power( W ): 60W
Insulation impedance(2500V DC ): 100M Ω

We are a professional manufacturer in China of Ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic generators.

1, Ultrasonic cleaning transducer
A. Low frequency , 17K, 18K,20K,23K
B. Middle frequency : 25K, 26K, 28K,
C. Middle higher frequency: 33K, 35K, 40K, 45K, 50K, 55K, 60K, 65K
D. Higher frequency: 68K, 80K,100K,120K,130K, 160K, 165K, 200K, 235K
E. Multi-frequency : 28K/40K, 40K/130K, 40K/68K, 40K/80K/130K, 40K/100K/160K
2. Ultrasonic beauty transducer: cavitation,Face-lift, shovel, etc.
3. Ultrasonic medcial transducer ( wirnKel, ears ,varices and so on )
4. Ultrasonic welding transducer;
5. Ultrasonic smashing cell transducers; portable type 100W, 500W
6. Ultrasonic PCB (Frequency 20K- 60K, Power 10W-200W) ,
7. Ultrasonic sweep generator (power≤2500W )

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