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FLK VocalPost - Vocie Messaging Application
Korea, South - Android Application - Voice Messaging, 12 years ago, 617 hits
FLK VocalPost mobile service application is your microphone to the world, a voice calling out across the landscape of social networks. Faster than typing, more expressive than text. It’s easy to create a VocalPost to update Facebook and Twitter

FLK TransCode - Transcoder System
Korea, South - Other - Transcoder, 12 years ago, 660 hits
FLK TransCode offers end-to-end, real-time multimedia transcoder system. It manages the conversion and encoding of digital video, audio, images and associated data, from one compression and file format to another, including live streaming.

FLK SuperView - Object Recognition and AR (Augmented Reality), Visual retrieval
Korea, South - Other - Object Recognition, 12 years ago, 695 hits
FLK SuperView offers high-quality object recognition and augmented reality (AR). Whether it’s product packaging, a city block, a statue, or storefront, FLK’s object-recognition technology, can enhance your interaction with customer

FLK ScreenShifter - n Screen Platform
Korea, South - Other - N Screen, 12 years ago, 794 hits
FLK ScreenShifter offers multi screen smart TV experience without hardware and complexity. All process runs in the cloud on servers where FLK processes, manages and delivers high-quality video, audio, gaming, images and Web content to the TV.

FLK OmniSend - Messaging System
Korea, South - Mobile - SMSC, 12 years ago, 581 hits
FLK OmniSend™ Messaging System is a comprehensive system with market-proven technologies to manage the full range of today’s mobile messaging: text, multimedia, voice and video.

FLK Mobile Coupon - Mobile coupon and promotion platform
Korea, South - Marketing - Coupon, Promotion, 12 years ago, 499 hits
FLK Mobile Coupon is a comprehensive coupon and promotion platform for delivering location-based discounts and deals to the mobile consumer.

FLK MediaSpeed - Mobile Network Management System
Korea, South - Management - Network Management, 12 years ago, 580 hits
FLK MediaSpeed is mobile network management solution which increases scalability, reduces latency and improves throughput by making the most effective use of available bandwidth.

FLK MediaControl - Multimedia Contents Management System
Korea, South - Management - Content Management, 12 years ago, 527 hits
FLK MediaControl is a comprehensive multimedia content management system that provides a way for service providers and their customers to manage digital content.

FLK BookShelf - eBook Solution
Korea, South - Ebook - EBook Solution, 12 years ago, 675 hits
FLK BookShelf offers a complete eBook solution from search and purchase through download and reading. Managing content through every step of the process, FLK is a great partner for offering one of the world's top eBook solutions.

Digital Door Locks from Korea
Korea, South - Locks&locksmith, 12 years ago, 648 hits
This is a premium-style digital door lock with the features of a firm and slim design and LED display function that visually indicates the door’s open/closed status and the remaining battery amount

Digital door Locks
Korea, South - Locks&locksmith, 12 years ago, 677 hits
One of leading manufacturer and consulting company only for digital door lock in Korea since 1985.

Automated car parking system facility
Korea, South - Automotive - Parking System - Automated CarParking, 12 years ago, 834 hits
One of most familiar to vehicle parking system field, automated parking system manufactory, Kyung Dong T&POCo Ltd up to dated tower parking system.

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