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Functional Fitness DVD set

Get Firmer, Fitter, Stronger in 30 Days with the entire 1st edition of PBS TV's doctor recommended Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews DVD's! The ONLY DVD's offering seated and standing exercises so you can choose your level of fitness!

Manufacturer - Healthwise Exercise
Model # - FFSeries1
SKU - FFSeries1
Submitted By - Healthwise Exercise LLC (Producer)
Country - United States
Category - Health : DVDs : Fitness

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Fitness DVD's :   Chair exercise
Senior Fitness :   Seated Exercise
Baby boomers :   Fitness
Disease prevention :   diabetes, copd, obesity
arthritis :   award winning dvd
joint pain :   relieves joint pain
occupational therapy :   techniques for function
breathing exercises :   copd
workout :   osteporosis
memory :   brain power dvd
suzanne andrews :   Functional Fitness


For more than 25 years, Suzanne Andrews has been teaching therapeutic exercise including, strength training for weight loss, water aerobics, low impact aerobics, yoga and FUNctional fitness.

Suzanne Helps You Put the Fun in FUNctional Fitness

By making fitness fun, Suzanne gets people moving again and that's more than just good news. According to the National Institute of Health, even moderate exercise improves the health of seniors who have age related disease which is a good thing because leading a sedentary lifestyle is the leading cause of losing independence in strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.

You are far more likely to injure yourself by not exercising than you are by exercising. If it's been awhile since you worked out, Functional Fitness has made it easy for you to get started again and progress as you go along.

You Can Sit or Stand

As the host of FUNctional Fitness on Public Television, the most trusted source on TV, she offers you a safe, effective and FUN workout to lose weight, increase your ability to function, get strong, boost your energy and increase your health in both standing and seated versions on all the 8 DVD's.

As an Occupational Therapy Practitioner, she is committed to helping you live a more functional life with medically designed fitness DVD's that are engineered from years of therapeutic exercise education experience.

Dr. Reviewed and Approved.

Dr. Paul D'Arezzo MD, Author of Functional Fitness Book

"Suzanne, as a fellow medical professional, I appreciate the fact that you are an occupational therapy practitioner which implies a certain level of compassion and understanding that sometimes I think run of the mill instructors lack and how much small changes in strength and function can make a big difference in the quality of some people's lives.

I have always felt that in an exercise program what people really want are things that help them to maintain function for as long as possible, to stay independent and to keep doing all the things they need and want to do for as long as possible. And thus, it seems, the biggest bang for the buck are exercises like yours that closely mimic and use muscle groups we need for everyday life."

What Can Functional Fitness Do For the 79 Million Baby Boomers?
Functional Fitness Viewers Say It Best!

“10 am has become a permanent appointment time for us. Reserved for Suzanne, a dear loving friend. A part of our lives. An unfailing source of energy and encouragement. Sounds exaggerated? But that's exactly the way it is."
Paul and Maj-Britt Piehler, New Smyrna

“WOW, Suzanne Andrews is a vision of hope and excitement! THANK YOU! I used to be thin and trim and something happened called stress and life. At 52, I became lethargic, and out of shape. Tried Jazzercise but it killed my knees and I felt VERY OLD with the newer music. You brought LIFE back into me – I even feel great after the show – what great results! Thank you- you are like sunshine in our lives!”
Mr. and Mrs. T.J Goettsch, Palm Coast

"B.S.A. (before Suzanne Andrews) I could not or did not look forward to daily exercise. Now, just try to keep me away!
The best thing I can say is since you are a therapy practitioner, I have confidence . You say I can do something.Your two side-kicks, help me do it, until I can get to your level. A few of your levels, I haven't been able to reach yet, but Suzanne, I will make it. I feel you have the only program I have ever seen, that really "speaks my language".
It is remarkable, that I actually look forward to exercise. For over forty years, I would say, "Oh what I would do, to become committed to exercise that I love. I wish I could get a blood transfusion from one of those people that wake up each morning and just can't wait to throw on clothes and go run or work out. That's all I ever wanted. Thanks to you I have it. I can do it in my living room just like you promised.
Thanks to you, I am going to do all the stuff with my four grandkids (and counting) that I did with my children. Whatever you are teaching on the crossed that barrier in my thick skull. For that....not only do I thank you, but all those who love me...they feel they know you and your cast.

The grandkids are 2,3,6, and 7 years of age.They get right in there and do whatever you tell them to do too. I figure nothing is as contagious as a good example. A day without Functional fitness is a day wasted in our book!

The doctors you have on the show....what a bonus! Who knew cantaloupe was so chock full of good stuff. You are the best. I know that it takes a whole team effort. From the janitors to you and everyone in between, to keep the show what it is. To everyone, I send a Big Thank you.

Thank you doesn't seem enough. Here is a good tid bit....My son went to UF in Gainesville. His true love has always been fire fighting and Paramedics. He called me yesterday, to make sure that I am keeping up with you! He said, if my foot was hurting too bad, he would send me a workout that I could do without pounding my foot. I told him, Thanks, but I have Suzanne, no matter what's wrong, short of being comatose, I can work with her!

He laughed. He goes to Ocala Fire College, but we had looked at Daytona's program. I feel I myself could also qualify...almost....thanks to the progress I have made simply by working with you daily. Walking for 30 mins. in addition and following your diet and health guidelines.”
Feel are a blessing." Liz Di Pasquale, FL

“I have been a really severe asthmatic since I was 13 years old, I am now nearly 68. Today was the first time I have climbed the stairs without discomfort , I am usually (as we say here in Oz "buggered "(Aussie slang for exhausted) by the time I get to the top of the stairs. Today was so different, I climbed the stairs without distress, this has been only after one week on the Functional Fitness COPD DVD exercises. If that sounds fantastic I really work at it using two cans of spaghetti as weights. I never expected to have any results so quickly. Thank you so much. “ Regards, Dawn Smith, Australia.

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