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Weight Loss and Stress Release Meditation
United States - Wellness - Weight Loss - Meditation, 5 years ago, 327 hits
A Guaranteed Way to Lose Weight ... In Guided Meditation for Weight Loss and Stress Release. Decrease your appetite and be guided by the most soothing voice you have ever heard. Free Preview Now!

United States - DVD - Arthritis - Fitness, 5 years ago, 821 hits
Functional Fitness Arthritis Program features a water therapy DVD, 2 audio CD's and a water resistant booklet illustrating therapeutic movements that both supports your body and is gentler on your joints.

Fat Burning Fitness DVD
United States - Fitness Dvd - Exercise For Seniors, 6 years ago, 287 hits
Selected by Community Health Magazine as 1 of 5 top senior friendly workouts!

Yoga Chi For Energy on Sale Now at Amazon
United States - Yoga Set - Yoga Dvd, 6 years ago, 202 hits
Regain your energy, enjoy more flexibility, release stress from tight achy muscles with Yoga Chi For Energy. On sale now at

Functional Fitness 1st Series DVD's
United States - Wellness - DVD - Fitness, 6 years ago, 443 hits
Get Stronger, Firmer, Fitter, More Flexible in 30 Days with the entire Functional Fitness first series of 8 DVD's!

Yoga Chi For Energy DVD
United States - Wellness - DVD - Yoga, 6 years ago, 495 hits
Get more energy in your mind, body and spirit in just 14 days! Beginner Friendly Yoga DVD by PBS Functional Fitness Host and medical professional Suzanne Andrews.

Yoga Chi DVD
United States - Wellness - DVD - Yoga, 6 years ago, 592 hits
Yoga Chi For Energy. Get more energy when You REALLY need it. As Seen On PBS TV. WDSC's Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Suzanne Andrews reveals medically tested techniques to INCREASE Your Energy In Just 14 Days.

Pain Free Back
United States - Wellness - DVD, 6 years ago, 291 hits
Pain Free Back includes: A 30 minute program to get rid of back pain, strengthen your back muscles, improve your posture and restore flexibility to your back.

Functional Fitness DVD set
United States - Health - DVDs - Fitness, 6 years ago, 530 hits
Get Firmer, Fitter, Stronger in 30 Days with the entire 1st edition of PBS TV's doctor recommended Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews DVD's! The ONLY DVD's offering seated and standing exercises so you can choose your level of fitness!

Functional Fitness COPD DVD
United States - Health - Smoking Alternative - COPD, 7 years ago, 751 hits
Voted number 1 COPD DVD! 1. Improve your ability to breathe 2. Increase your lifespan 3. Release stress

Functional Fitness PAIN FREE NECK and BACK
United States - Health - Medical Products, 7 years ago, 392 hits
Suzanne Andrews, Host of Functional Fitness and Occupational Therapy Practitioner with over 25 years of exercise education experience, takes you through a series of therapeutic movements to restore the health of your back and neck.

Functional Fitness FAT BURNING DVD
United States - Weight Loss - Fitness DVD - Plus Size Fitness, 7 years ago, 424 hits
Gentle Enough for Beginner and Plus Size! Functional Fitness, FAT BURNING DVD is the only DVD designed for those of you who want to burn fat and firm up, but find programs made for the 20 something's too strenuous on your precious joints

Beginners Dynamic Yoga for Stress Release and Weight Loss
United States - Health - Yoga - Weight Loss, 7 years ago, 797 hits
Weight Loss Solution to stop stress eating. Recommended by doctors as a therapeutic guide to weight loss for plus size people who need a gentle paced motivational program to lose weight. Bonus Meditation included. Instant download

Functional Fitness BONE BUILDER
United States - Health - Senior Health - Osteoporosis, 7 years ago, 324 hits
Get Stronger, Thicker Bones with Functional Fitness Bone Builder DVD. Exercise in the comfort of your own home to this scientifically formulated bone building exercise DVD recommended by doctors. Seated and Standing versions. Free Preview.

Yoga Chi For Energy
United States - Health - DVDs - Yoga, 7 years ago, 427 hits
Do Yoga for More Energy ! Energy boosting beginners yoga workout that is gentle enough for plus size and seniors. No pretzel poses.

Functional Fitness Diabetes DVD
United States - Health - DVDs - Diabetes, Fitness, 7 years ago, 462 hits
Medically formulated diabetes dvd for the reversal and prevention of diabetes. As seen on PBS TV and hosted by medical professional, Suzanne Andrews.

Brain Power DVD
United States - Health - DVDs - Memory, Brain, 7 years ago, 426 hits
Brain Power addresses an often neglected but key part of healthy aging with medically engineered brain fitness movements both seated or standing to strengthen your brain connections to a youthful state of learning with stronger memory retention.

Functional Fitness Brain Power DVD
United States - Health - Memory, 7 years ago, 386 hits
More Brain Power To You with Functional Fitness Brain Power DVD! Doctor approved and therapeutically designed 25 minute session recommended by doctors and hosted by Suzanne Andrews of Functional Fitness, PBS TV.

Functional Fitness Better Balance
United States - Health - DVDs - Health, 7 years ago, 580 hits
Functional Fitness Better Balance DVD has 2 workouts to stabilize your balance: One 25 minute workout with a Ball and one 25 minute workout using special medically proven therapeutic techniques to increase your agility, coordination and equilibrium.

Arthritis DVD
United States - Health - DVDs - Arthritis, 7 years ago, 510 hits
Functional Fitness Arthritis DVD. Doctor reviewed and recommended offering medically proven therapeutic techniques to eliminate arthritis pain and stiffness. Instructed by Rehab professional and host of Functional Fitness, PBS TV, Suzanne Andrews.

COPD DVD for Stronger Breathing Muscles
United States - Health - DVDs - Breathing, COPD, 7 years ago, 1662 hits
Strengthen your breathing muscles with Functional Fitness COPD DVD. Learn medically proven therapuetic pulmonary rehab breathing techniques by licensed rehab professional, Suzanne Andrews and host of Functional Fitness, PBS TV for lung power.

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