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Kestrel 200 Optical Measuring Microscope
England - Quality Control - Measurement - Optical Measurement, 13 years ago, 825 hits
Vision Engineering's Kestrel 200 optical measuring microscope provides fast and accurate 2-axis measurement of precision component parts.

Hawk 5000 VED Non Contact Measurement Microscope
England - Quality Control - Measurement, 13 years ago, 1022 hits
Vision Engineering's Hawk 5000 VED is the first non-contact measuring microscope to offer advanced video edge detection measurement tools with manual optical measurement.

Hawk 5000 Non-Contact Optical Measuring Tool
England - Quality Control - Measurement, 13 years ago, 1648 hits
Hawk 5000 provides high repeatable accuracy, 3-dimensional measurement of complex manufactured components of all materials. From simple manual measurement to multi-feature modelling with advanced data import, export and analysis.

SX45 Stereo Zoom Microscope
England - Quality Control - Inspection - Stereo Microscope, 13 years ago, 1960 hits
Vision Engineering's SX45 delivers value, performance and flexibility. The SX45 provides high quality stereo viewing, ideal for industry and life sciences, with an extra-long working distance for assembly, dissection, or simple inspection tasks.

Lynx Stereo Inspection Microscope
England - Quality Control - Inspection, 13 years ago, 1795 hits
Lynx is a unique eyepieceless stereo microscope for intricate tasks requiring high-resolution stereo viewing. The eyepieceless Lynx significantly increase head freedom and eye relief, reducing operator stress and fatigue over long periods of time

Falcon 5000 Precision Measuring Machine
England - Quality Control - Measurement - Video Measurement, 13 years ago, 957 hits
Vision Engineering's Falcon 5000 is a highly capable, yet compact 3-axis video measurement machine with a powerful PC-based microprocessor, ideal for both simple and complex quality control routines.

Falcon 300 Video Measuring System
England - Quality Control - Measurement, 13 years ago, 779 hits
Falcon provides fast and accurate 3-axis measurement of both routine and complex precision component parts. From simple, single-feature operation to multi-point video edge detection measurements, Falcon combines simplicity with high accuracy.

Mantis Elite-Cam
England - Quality Control - Inspection, 13 years ago, 816 hits
Mantis Elite-Cam is a variant of the successful Mantis Elite stereo microscope, with an internally integrated USB2.0 camera allowing effortless image capture and documentation ...

Mantis Stereo Microscope
England - Quality Control - Inspection, 13 years ago, 2096 hits
Mantis Elite is a patented 'eyepieceless' stereo microscope, offering truly superb 3-D imaging and unparalleled levels of comfort, reducing operator fatigue and increasing quality and productivity.

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