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Hawk 5000 Non-Contact Optical Measuring Tool

Hawk 5000 provides high repeatable accuracy, 3-dimensional measurement of complex manufactured components of all materials. From simple manual measurement to multi-feature modelling with advanced data import, export and analysis.

Manufacturer - Vision Engineering Ltd
Model # - Hawk 5000
Submitted By - Vision Engineering Ltd (Manufacturer)
Country - England
Category - Quality Control : Measurement

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Hawk 3-Axis Measuring MachineHawk Non-contact Measuring Microscope


Accuracy :   High repeatable accuracy, 3-axis (X, Y, Z) measurem
Optical Image :   Patented optical image clearly defines edges
Powerful :   Powerful and intuitive PC-based software
Precision :   High precision measuring stage options
Video :   Video Edge Detection option for enhanced productivi


Hawk 5000 provides high repeatable accuracy, 3-dimensional measurement of complex manufactured components of all materials. From simple manual measurement to multi-feature modelling with advanced data import, export and analysis, Hawk 5000 offers a powerful, flexible solution to meet the most demanding measuring requirements.

Unlike other high-end measuring systems, Hawk delivers true optical images for unsurpassed accuracy and critical repeatability.

Accurate measurement of complex components is achieved using the high contrast, high resolution optical image, enabling enhanced surface definition for fast and simple measurement. Black-on-black? White-on-white? Either way, you can be confident your measurements will be both accurate and repeatable.

Hawk 5000 is the measuring system of choice for users who require accurate measurement of tight tolerance, precision components, or difficult-to-view parts, such as low contrast plastics. QC-5000 PC-based software integrates familiar interface conventions with powerful data processing and analysis tools, including Statistical Process Control (SPC) with CAD input and output.

Hawk 5000 High Precision Measuring System Details
Hawk 5000 has been designed with power and precision in mind, making it ideal for high accuracy quality control routines of a wide variety of complex component features. Hawk 5000 delivers impressive accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility and is available with a wide range of options and accessories, including image capture, fully geometric PC-based data processing with Video Edge Detection (VED) option.

Superior Optics
Accurate non-contact measurement of precision components requires high resolution, high contrast images, combined with a precision measuring stage.

Hawk 5000 utilises Vision Engineering's patented Dynascope™ technology to provide enhanced surface definition for fast and simple measurement. The superb optical clarity also allows detailed visual inspection to be performed simultaneously.

Unlike video systems which digitise the optical information, Hawk 5000 employs a pure optical image meaning that there is no image processing before the measurement. Component parts can thus be measured with confidence.

Precision Measuring Stage
Hawk 5000 is available with a range of high specification, high performance measuring stage options, providing a measuring range of up to 400mm x 300mm. Every measuring stage has factory-completed non-linear error correction (NLEC) calibration to ensure optimum accuracy, which is traceable to NPL/NAMAS/NIST standards for the purposes of ISO9000. Combined with 0.5µm resolution measuring encoders, this provides a system repeatability of up to 2µm for complete confidence in your results.*

Powerful PC Software
Data processing is performed by the QC-5000 fully geometric PC software and is ideal for measuring complex 3-D component features. The QC-5000 software has been designed to cope with the demands of a busy quality control department and includes features to simplify complex measurement routines, plus provides powerful data import, export and analysis tools, including Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Options & Accessories
Surface and sub-stage illumination options enable adjustment of lighting to suit any application. Surface illumination is provided by a shadow-free 6-point ringlight, with the option of episcopic (through the lens) illumination for viewing blind bores or deep surface features. Quick-change macro magnification options are: x10, x20, x50 and x100 (x20 fitted as standard), with high magnification micro objectives available in a 4-turret array: x50, x100, x200, x500 and x1000.

Quadra-Chek 5000 Metrology Software
Quadra-Chek metrology software is the premier system for the measurement and inspection of 2-D and 3-D geometric components. QC-5000 metrology software is the premier control interface within the Hawk family of non-contact measuring systems, providing a commanding solution to empower operators along every step of the measurement process. Patented features reduce repetitive measurements and simplify complex work steps, with the ability to utilise Video Edge Detection (VED) for enhanced throughput.

The QC-5000 features intuitive drag-and-drop data fields, macros and database templates, plus programming and automation tools.


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