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Live 2 Give eCourse

Do you take the time to invest in you? Do you want change but too afraid to make it happen in your life. STOP the insanity...Sometimes we miss out on the one thing that could truly change our lives because we are afraid to make a move and just do it.

Manufacturer - Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group
Model # - LIVE2GIVE
Submitted By - Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group (Owner, Author)
Country - United States
Category - Consulting : Coaching : Relationship

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Finances :   30%
Relationship :   20%
Business :   15%
Emotional :   15%
Mental :   10%
Phyiscal :   10%


Finally! The wait is over, the truth about sowing, reaping and prosperity! However, I am allowing only 35 people to take a sneak peak and sign up before going public with the official launch which will take place this Fall.

Read on, if you DARE....

My friend, can we talk? Seriously? Can we drop all the pretenses, unveil the masks, release the hype and re-write the our paths to destiny that God already declared over us?

For once....just once I would like to connect and have a conversation with people who aren't afraid to tell the truth but they are willing to hear the truth even more!

The TRUTH is...

it is better to give than to receive but there is a circulation involved
churches are filled with those who are in debt and struggling but is this what the Lord's wants
we are continuously seeking for a blessing but settling for crumbs instead of sitting at the table
we've been sold a "bill of lies" as it relates tithes, offering and prosperity in general

My Personal Story..

I realized that many Christians spend a lifetime seeking the opportunity to live in "Prosperity" However, they run from true prosperity and do not realize that the Bible (God's Word) tells us we should be prosper, meaning no lack.

I have been in Church since I was six years old and have heard several sermons on giving, tithing and prosperity. Not until this year was I even curious to discover for myself the real message in giving. I struggled with tithing until a few years ago, my Bishop sat me down for two months due to my disobedience to the Word. The whole time I wanted to call foul play. Until God stepped in on the scene to show me where I lacked in knowledge and understanding. As I reflect over my life, I realized that there were key principles that I used to govern the way I live my life but in giving, I had knowledge but no understanding. Therefore I did not use wisdom and was caught in a vicious web I had weaved for myself and no matter how hard I twisted and turned, I was not getting out without help from God. Which brings to this year. I have experienced God's grace in giving but again it was hit and miss and I was struggling still. I felt that the tithing principles did not truly worked or I was missing a step. What God showed me was I was good a tithing but my heart was not cheerful. I was good at giving but my attitude was not always right. I gave to needs that bought about more need into my own life. I had knowledge but did not always apply it correctly. What helped me was application of his Word through faith. Principles guide every aspect of our life & there were key principles that assisted me in attracting an understanding about tithing, offering, giving to the poor, emotional giving and YES prosperity. What i have found out all stems from the Word of God and, believe it or not, is taught in financial courses in universities across the nation.

So if you are ready to experience all the wisdom of the Bible, gain more knowledge about how God views giving, and attract wealth within the next year...then this program is for you!

If you are ready to release debilitating patterns and beliefs, shift from poverty to prosperity, release past hurts of old concepts, elevate your vibration, evolve into a magnetic being attracting all that God has stored up for you then sign up now. Do Wait because space is limited and this introductory price will NOT be offered again.

Here's just a smidgen of what we'll cover...........

This is not for the faint in heart
How to Release the Past to Invite the New
The Dynamics of a Sowing and Reaping
The Myths we were Told and Bought into
How to Prosper According to the Word of God
What Year Are You In...Noah Talked About the Flood for 120 Years
Tear down Strongholds - it's Time to get to Work
It's Your DUE Season
And so much more!

The first call is Friday, July 1st @ 1PM PST/4PM EST.

Course starts July 23, 2011 at 4:30PM PST/7:30PM EST

accepting 35 individuals who are READY! After the first 35 people, enrollment will end!

Investment $97 (Introductory Offer)

Email me for a special payment options........three payments of $39

Also ask how you can join the course of FREE of charge!!! It's going to blow your mind. there are only 10 spots so act Quickly!!

Dare 2 LIVE 2 Give!


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