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HP Compaq 6730b Series 24X CD 8X DVD RW DL Drive Burner

HP Compaq 6730b CD DVD RW Drive: Buy HP Compaq 6730b CD DVD Drive from, find a right DVD Drive for HP Compaq 6730b CD with 30 Days Money Back!12 Months warranty!Fast shipping!

Manufacturer - HP Compaq
Model # - HP Compaq 6730b CD DVD Drive
Submitted By - (Retailer, Reseller)
Country - China
Category - Computers : Storage-Drives : CD/DVD

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website :
brand :   HP
laotop Model :   HP Compaq 6730b
Weight :   370g
condition :   New
High :   12.7mm



Enhance your notebook/laptop computer capabilities with this Super-Multi Notebook DVD DL Drive/Burner/Rewriter . Write and rewrite at a 24x max CD burn speed, and write DVD±R discs at 8x. This burner writes to DVD±R while double layer DVD-R (8.5GB) recording is also supported. Burn fast , Burn Right with this burner.

Technical specifications

Device Type CD DVD±RW R DL Drive/Burner/Rewriter
Enclosure Type Internal
Width 128mm
Depth 127mm
Weight About 260g

Condition Brand New
Optical Storage
Type DVD±RW R DL Drive (Burner, Rewriter)
Maximum Read Speed 24x CD-ROM / 8x DVD-ROM
Maximum Write Speed 24x CD-R, 16x CD-RW, 8x DVD-R/+R, 8x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+R, 8x DVD+RW, 4x DVD+R DL / -R DL, 5 x DVD-RAM,
Supported Media Types CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM ,DVD MULTI Read /Write support, DMA66 support
Media Load Type Tray - Loading
Access Time 140 ms (DVD), 125 ms (CD)
Buffer Underrun Protection Yes
Buffer Size 2 MB
Software / System Requirements
OS Required Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP /Vista Windows 7 Professional later
Service & Support 6 months warranty
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature 41 °F
Max Operating Temperature 122 °F
Humidity Range Operating 10 - 80%
Packing included 1x BARE DVD±RW DRIVE
1x Manua

Fits for Laptop model numbers:
HP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC
AP394US, AQ045US, AQ106US, AQ151US, AQ152US, AQ395US, AQ422US, AQ426US, AQ443US, AQ448US, AS901US, AS904US, AS907US, AS923US, AT179US, AT191US, AT232US, AT236US, AT275US, AT285US, AT300US, AT301US, AT328US, AT392US, AT409US, AT411US, AT419US, AT430US, AT433US, AT434US, AT550US, AT566US, AT580US, AT582US, AT584US, AT591US, AT593US, AT598US, AT603US, AT605US, AT613US, AT628US, AT638US, AT640US, AT656US, AT660US, AT681US, AT689US, AT732US, AT741US, AT770US, AT822US, AT823US, AT994US, AU008US, AU029US, AU033US, AU077US, AU381US, AU413US, AU452US, AU491US, AU554US, AU573US, AU581US, AU598US, AU599US, AU600US, AV512US, AV522US, AV575US, AV577US, AV589US, AV610US, AV626US, AV636US, AV639US, AV640US, AV655US, AV671US, AV718US, AV737US, AV769US, AV783US, AV790US, AV800US, AW272US, AW292US, AW327US, AW328US, AW334US, AW361US, AW363US, AW389US, AW418US, AW504US, AW714US, AW715US, AW750US, AW751US, AW759US, AW760US, AW777US, AW925US, AW926US, AW927US, AW931US, AW954US, AX375US, AX382US, AX407US, AX415US, AX430US, AX438US, AX439US, AX456US, AX462US, AX489US, AX505US, AX515US, AX562US, AX563US, AX577US, AX594US, AX611US, AX633US, AX638US, AX643US, AY153US, AY156US, AY218US, AY223US, AY243US, AY250US, AY261US, AY273US, AY283US, AY303US, AY345US, AY373US, AY383US, AY400US, AY401US, AY402US, AY407US, AY429US, AY447US, AY794US, AY847US, AY860US, AY919US, AY926US, AY959US, AY970US, AZ586US, AZ605US, AZ609US, AZ660US, AZ676US, AZ721US, AZ722US, AZ744US, AZ761US, AZ767US, AZ776US, AZ806US, AZ825US, AZ827US, BJ805US, BJ806US, BJ819US, BJ873US, BJ883US, BJ888US, BJ936US, BJ941US, BJ951US, BJ957US, BJ961US, BK054US, BK068US, BK076US, BK081US, BK104US, BK969US, BK981US, BK984US, BL024US, BL127US, BL136US, BL157US, BL194US, BL241US, BL354US, BL361US, BL368US, BL413US, BL483US, BL484US, BL503US, BL521US, BM549US, BM602US, BM604US, BM622US, BM755US, BM775US, BM803US, BM828US, BM951US, BM959US, BN037US, BN082US, BN109US, BN168US, BP627US, BP698US, BP699US, BP742US, FG087EC, FG116EC, FG117EC, 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