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high frequency radiology and fluoroscopy medical x ray machine DF-625H-1

high frequency radiography and fluoroscopy x ray machine generator:orich x ray tube:orich 2 bad: fluoroscopy and radiography

Manufacturer - Orich Medical Equipment (Tianjin) Co.,LTD
Model # - high frequency DF-625H-1
SKU - high frequency radiology x ray machine
Submitted By - Orich Medical Equipment (Tianjin) Co.,LTD (Manufacturer, Manufacturer)
Country - China
Category - Medical Equipment : Radiology Equipment : X Ray Machine

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Diagnostic X-ray System

Hi! I am a new member of ORICH family, DF-625H-1. Do you look familiar with me when you see me first time? Don’t look down on me because my heart is of high-frequency type. Power 50KW, what strong energy it is!

There are many members in my family.

DF series X-ray diagnostic system;

FS series digital radiography system;

OX series movable system;

And there are several X-ray system for vehicle.

What can I do for you?

Fluoroscopy and sport film is nothing difficult...

0.5-5mA fluoroscopy current

40-110kV fluoroscopy voltage

(With the same mA and kV value, due to my advantage of high-frequency, radiation to patients is greatly reduced. Meanwhile, your working image, no matter in film type or screen type, is improved greatly.)

There are‘six pieces’ of ABC curves in my mind, which ensures that I will show you a picture with the same brightness no matter from chest to abdomen or from abdomen to chest.

I am very clever and I know a lot of things. I will remind you if you make fluoroscopy for your patients more than 5minutes.

I am able to monitor kV and mA real-on time. And I can control it to make every exposure process within your setting.

Those are only part of my functions and I can show greater power in radiography.

With 150kV power, lateral position of pelvis and lumbar can be completed easily. My 50kW energy is the basis and guarantee for high kV, short-time radiography such as silicosis film.

With hundreds of APR you can finish radiography every time easily as if you are reading a menu.

I can also provide AEC function for your adoption; if you select me, you can finish your daily work with pleasant mind.

Radiographic Table

My trunk is made of high-strength alloy-aluminum and formed one time, high precision, very light. My body is formed by digital control and welded in one piece. I can move in universal directions and slide stably. With my coordinative partner, vertical chest stand, I can finish all activities.

You can also connect me with CR and DR, so I will change to digital image system.

Image output is my strong merit.

Look, with 9” high quality image intensifier and special camera that is particularly designed and prepared for you, no disease can escape from my eyes. I also provide you with eight amplitude memory, movable noise reduction, image turn, positive and negative image as well as terminal freezing. And the image working station is optional.

● Compact island design of the diagnostic table perfectly realizes diversified diagnoses, and can satisfy the especial requirements of the intervention cure.

● 740mm longitudinal stroke of the X-ray Tube, adequately satisfy different diagnostic requirements.

● Excellent X-ray tube has high kV, small focus.

● State-of-the-art design fully improves the safety and comfort.

● -25° tilting function is convenient to control barium meal.

Please use me generously and I will never feel tired. I am competent and have no compliant about many health care examination and radiography.

If I am beyond my energy load one day, I will turn on the red light.

If I become sick one day, please do not worry about me, because I can diagnose myself, and I will tell you what my problem is, so that you can repair me easily and then I will continue to serve you.

Product Feature
high frequency radiography and fluoroscopy x ray machine
x ray tube:orich
2 bad: fluoroscopy and radiography


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