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NOX Vault Handheld RFID Reader for Asset tracking and inventory control

Gen 2 RFID reader, handheld device, reads up to 100 tags per second, up to 30' read range, syncs to .csv file

Manufacturer - SimplyRFID
Model # - NoxVault R2
Submitted By - SimplyRFID- Peel, Stick, Track for Assets (Provider)
Country - United States
Category - Rfid Reader

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handheldnox vault



Read range :   10' - 30' depending on the tag
Gen2 RFID reader :   Yes, plus barcode scanner included
Display :   3.5" color
WiFi :   Yes
Mobile :   Cellular add-on Yes
Number of assets :   unlimited
Realtime data :   Yes
weight :   2.7 lbs
Battery :   Dual battery charger
GPS data :   Yes, through GSM cellular


For about the price of a label-based barcode system, NoxVault makes finding over 100 assets per second easy and updates your Excel spreadsheet with everything it finds.
How it works

1 Tag items with RFiD

Place an RFID tag on each asset. Each RFID tag has a unique value and that value is stored in Excel in a column/cell so you know which RFID tag is assigned to each asset. For ideas on RFID tags -- checkout the Nox-2 for general low-cost RFID, or Nox-TM4 for on-metal rugged RFID tagging.
2 Squeeze trigger to locate items

NoxVault will locate all items within about 15 feet. If you have a pre-defined inventory, like "Carl's Office", Nox will tell you how many items it found, how many are missing, and show you a list of the missing items by name. For instance, "Red Stapler" instead of "Asset 12332"
3 Success! Your items are now updated in Excel format

You can edit the Excel spreadsheet, add columns (e.g. "Purchase Date", "Cost", "Serial Number") with important information and sort by missing, found, or location -- all using Excel.


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