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Model 4327 CellMite Embedded Digital Signal Conditioner for Strain Gage Sensors

Model 4327 digital signal conditioner connects to a strain gage transducer and simultaneously generates a serial output for connection to a PC, scalable +/-10V analog output for data acquisition, and a 16-character auto identifying readout display.

Manufacturer - Electro Standards Laboratories
Model # - 4327
SKU - 304327
Submitted By - Electro Standards Laboratories (Manufacturer)
Country - United States
Category - Other : Signal Conditioner : Digital

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Model 4327 CellMite Embedded Signal Conditioner


Voltage :   5VDC, Nom. Load: 350 ohm bridge
Internal Resolution :   24-bit
Input Range :   +/-5.5 mV/V (std)
Conversion Rate :   60/second
Error :   0.01%, +/-1 count
Pushbuttons :   Tare, Shunt
Precision Shunt :   60K Ohm
Indicator :   Status LED
Display Range :   +/-999999


CellMite® 4327 Embedded Digital Signal Conditioner Board with Auto Identifying Display for Strain Gage Sensors

Powerful load cell electronics!

The CellMite® Model 4327 board with auto identifying display is an embedded digital signal conditioner that connects directly to a strain gage transducer and simultaneously generates a serial output for direct connection to a PC, a scalable +/-10V analog output for interface to data acquisition systems, and a 16-character auto identifying display for direct readout viewing.

The CellMite® Model 4327 has on-board storage for three calibrated sensors, each with integrated 6-point calibration and independent user-specified display setup parameters. When a TEDS-Tag® capable sensor is connected to the unit, that sensor is immediately identified by the Model 4327 and its stored calibration data and display configuration are automatically loaded. If that sensor is removed and another TEDS-Tag® sensor is connected, then its calibration data and display data are automatically loaded. Unlike other units in its class, auto sensor identification and auto display identification require no user intervention and prevent field personnel from making costly mistakes due to incorrect sensor calibration or display setup.

The CellMite® Model 4327 can be fully operated with a computer or simply setup by a computer and then used as a stand-alone intelligent digital signal conditioner with auto identifying analog and alphanumeric display outputs.

The CellMite® Model 4327 integrates an intelligent 16-character backlit alphanumeric display with a CellMite® Model 4325B. The wide range numerical readout features 6 full digits of display plus sign indicator and decimal point along with a unit of measure label and channel identifier. The Model 4327 automatically converts between a variety of scientific units including Lbs, Kg, cm, mm, and mV/V and can output these to display. The location of the decimal point and unit of measure are setup via software but the computer is not required during operation.

The CellMite® Model 4327 has a multi-drop RS232/RS485 serial port that allows for connection of multiple units in a serial network configuration. This compact unit is ideally suited for in-situ transducer conditioning and distributed process measurements. It provides OEM user and system integrators with an affordable and complete strain gauge-to-PC solution with intelligent display readout that is not found on competitive units.

The CellMite® Model 4327 features include nonvolatile memory for parameter and calibration storage, ability to select between 3 stored calibrations, automatic sensor identification using TEDS-Tag® technology, solid state relay switches, multi-point and mV/V calibration, remote sense excitation, and 24-bit internal resolution with 16-bit analog output.

When used in combination the Electro Standards Laboratories CellView family of point-and-click GUI (Graphical User Interface) software, a turnkey data acquisition system is formed that can generate Excel compatible data files. The software also supports multiple units in a serial data network configuration and mix and match operation with the Electro Standards Laboratories Model 4331-200 two-channel CellMite® LVDT embedded digital signal conditioner boards. This allows the construction of mixed DC excited and AC excited sensor networks under a single software umbrella.

CellMite® Model 4327 Features:

Auto Identifying Display
2-pt mV/V Calibration
6-pt Linearization Calibration
Scalable +/-10V Analog Output
16-bit Analog Output
Direct to PC with RS232 Data
24-Bit Resolution
Multiple Filter Selections
Storage for 3 Calibrated Transducers
Remote Sense Excitation
Addressable for Serial Network
Tare, Peak, Valley
Unit Support: Lb, Kg, N, In, cm, mm, %, mV/V, User Defined
TEDS-Tag® Auto Identification
Power Supplies Internally Isolated
Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) and Software Drivers are sold separately. Select from:
CellView Lite GUI (Cat. No. 514569)
CellView Multi-Display GUI (Cat. No. 514424)
CellView with Graphing GUI (Cat. No. 514358)
Software Drivers (Cat. No. 514864)

CellMite® Model 4327 Specifications:

Excitation: 5 VDC, Nom. Load 350 ohm bridge.
Operation: Internal resolution: 24-bit Input
Range: +/-5.5 mV/V (Std.)
Conversion rate: 60 per second.
Error: 0/01%, +/- 1 count.
Precision Shunt 60K Ohm.
Indicator: Status LED
Display Range: +/-999999.
Analog: 16-bit, Scalable, +/-10V.
Serial Data: Multi-drop RS-232, RS485
Switches: Dual Solid State Relays
Display: 16-character backlit LCD
Board Size: 3" x 1.5" x 0.5"
Weight: 0.9 oz. (25.5g).
Display Size: 4.75" x 1.25" x .06"
Weight: 0.2 oz. (57g)
5 VDC, 0.6A (std)

CellView Lite GUI Software Option (CAT No. 54569) Features:

Turnkey data acquisition system
Save data, calibration and sensor test information to Excel spreadsheets
Guides user through sensor calibration
Guides user through adding/removing networked Model 4327 units
Ability to select any networked Model 4327 unit
Ability to individually name Model 4327 units
Tare and reset peak and valley for the sensor
Save/load the Model 4327 unit and sensor setup information
Set output data with user-defined 5th order polynomial function
Setup a test to start and/or stop automatically
Control Model 4327 solid state output relay switches
User programmable analog output voltage range
Units of In, Cm, mm, %, Lb, Kg, User-defined
Setup LCD display


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