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Rare Grade Investment Diamonds

Natural coloured diamonds are the world’s rarest and most beautiful precious gems. The 24.8 carat “Graff Pink” sold for £28.8 million in November 2010 the world’s most expensive gem almost double the amount paid for the previous record.

Manufacturer - GIA, IGI, EGL, and HRD.
Model # - Fl, IF, VVS1, VVS2
Submitted By - EUKO Consolidation (Broker, Distributor)
Country - England
Category - Jewellery : Loose Diamonds

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The Carat :   Diamond carat weight is also the biggest influence
The Clarity :   After carat weight, clarity is the biggest influenc
The Cut :   A diamond's cut quality is a fine balance
The Colour :   D, coloured diamonds are the rarest and most expens
Parts of the Diamond :   Table, Crown, Girdle, Pavilion, Culet



Investing in coloured diamonds is fast gaining recognition as a lucrative option in today’s investment markets for solid reasons. Whether a seasoned investor seeking a new vehicle, or a beginner just starting out, diamonds give many an edge in their investment portfolios. In fact, Fancy Coloured Diamonds continue to rise year‐on‐year, even as many blue chip stocks and bonds fall. Increasingly savvy investors have fancy coloured diamonds as part of their diversified portfolio.


Great hedge against inflation.
Easy investment entry, with high portability, completes privacy and total ownership.
Universal appeal with an internationally recognised system of professional standards, lab grading and diamond certificates.
Coloured diamonds are a rare resource, with very limited supply, and growing global demand, especially from emerging Indian and Far Eastern middle‐class buyers.
Naturally fancy coloured diamonds are the most valuable gems, on a price-per-carat basis. Exceptionally fine coloured diamonds have set records continually when sold at auction.
Rahul Kadakia, head of jewellery at Christie's Americas division, says diamond buyers "think about it as an investment and about its value," but are also "buying it for an occasion." This combination of financial savvy and sentiment is "driving the prices to new levels," he says. Diamonds and jewellery that would have fetched $2 million to $10 million a few years ago are going for $15 million to $25 million.
Prices of coloured diamonds are not highly correlated to other traditional investment assets such as stocks and bonds; hence, coloured diamonds retain their values even during recessions with much less potential for price volatility.
The economic cycle of the past 15 years has sent coloured diamonds to new heights in value as prices continue to leapfrog ahead, breaking record after record. Twenty years ago, a 1 carat fancy intense internally flawless pink diamond would have sold for $70K per carat. Today that same diamond is worth $500K.
Coloured diamonds in particular haven't dropped in value in 37 years, and draw interest because "they aren't correlated to any other asset class," says Philip Baldwin of SDM.


Over the past few years – while the stock market has shimmied sideways – Gold has risen exponentially. But unbeknown to most investors, coloured diamonds have also risen rapidly, with history-making auction prices recently achieved for fancy coloured diamonds. This level of appreciation has proven highly attractive to investors, and is expected to persist as the economy continues to be uncertain.

There are three main reasons smart investors believe coloured diamonds are a vital asset:

1.Scarcity/hoarding – due to mine-related shortages
2.Record-breaking demand from global investors
3.Widespread, emerging markets growth India/Asia


Five Compelling Reasons to Invest
1.Privacy - neither disclosure nor registration of diamond holdings is required in most countries.
2.Portability - coloured diamonds are the most concentrated form of wealth. A multi‐million pound portfolio can be discreetly placed in a small envelope.
3.Estate Planning - as an heirloom, coloured diamonds can be easily passed from one generation to the next.
4.Price Stability - even when a severe recession hits, collectors and investors tend to liquidate more easily replaced assets first. Thus a flood of coloured diamonds on the market is unlikely and has yet to occur.
5.Long Term Growth - because of the rarity and the steady increase in demand for quality coloured diamonds, we believe prices will continue to rise over the next decade, as they have over the last three decade


Although diamonds have been around for centuries, the recent upswing on price is due in part to the changing economic times, especially the globalisation of demand. With oil hitting record levels, going up as much as US$150 a barrel, oil rich countries and countries such as India and China who have found new wealth are now competing for the scarce resources the world and hence pushing up commodity prices.

In addition, we have witnessed the precipitous fall of the US stock market. The US dollar has been devaluing and continues to do so around the world – it’s no longer the premier basis for international trade. In this time of great economic uncertainty, investors are looking for ways to secure the wealth. While some investors are moving to invest in gold, there have been a steady movement of wealthy investors to protecting their wealth in investment-grade coloured diamonds. Whether you are considering a rare fancy diamond for its exceptional beauty and unprecedented potential to appreciate in value, or whether you are looking to hold the more affordable colourless diamonds, diamonds present investors with an opportunity to make significant returns over time and secure their wealth in the interim period.


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