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Dynabolan by Muscle Labs USA

Update: May 19 2011. The product Dynabolan by Muscle Labs USA has been pulled off the shelves. Only Sales of remaining stock are allowed. Further production of this product has been disallowed by the FDA.

Manufacturer - Muscle Labs USA
Model # - dynabolan
SKU - dynabolan-90
Submitted By - Muscle Labs USA (Manufacturer, Distributor)
Country - United States
Category - Bodybuilding : Muscle : Suplement

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dynabolan :   90
bottle :   1
muscle labs usa :   1
milligrams :   100
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Anabolic Steroids are complex units of synthetic testosterone that vary, each with their own unique stamp of effects. Legal versions of these very potent muscle building substances are readily available to the US market and come from all over the World via the internet. You must however, be very careful with deciding on which one to take. The products listed on this website have all been tested and are shown to be very effective. If you have any suggestions on a product to add, or if you have feedback on any of the products listed, please contact us at: Muscle Labs USA.

New Anabolic Supplement Packs On Mass!!
This Import Has Now Proven Its Superior Status As A Legal Steroid!
Dear Consumers,

Here’s the truth about the history of steroids. A “truth” few American bio-chemists are willing to admit and that is…Russian scientists and steroid Bio-chemists are kicking their asses when it comes to new anabolic inventions.

Want proof? The American steroid Anavar was invented by Searle in 1963. Dianabol by Ciba in 1959. Deca-Durabolen by Organon in 1960 and Anadral 5O by Syntex in 1964. Even the supposedly new prohormone 1-AD (the most popular prohormone of all time) was invented in 1962 by steroid bio-chemists at Searle!

The point is…American steroid bio-chemists are well behind the times in steroid technology it’s pathetic!! Russian steroid bio-chemists however, are getting more “chemically clever” all the time. In fact, very reliable information has surfaced that a high-level Soviet doping official was actually involved in creating the once undetectable designer steroid THG. By the way, it took a staff of 7 steroid bio-chemists, working 16 hours a day…3 months to find its chemical fingerprint on their testing devices.

The newest compound out of Russia however, is even more cleverly designed than THG. What steroid bio-chemists at Russia Labs in Moscow were able to do is cause both an elevation in pure androgen effect and pure anabolic effect in a new compound called Dynabolan™! As you probably know, all anabolic steroids lean in one direction or another in terms of being highly anabolic or highly androgenic. For example: On an androgenic scale of 1-100, mild drugs like Primobolen rank a six. The most popular steroid ever invented, Dianabol, ranks 47-53 anabolic to androgenic. And this is why everybody loves D-Bol so much…it is the best of both worlds!! You grow quickly (high anabolic) and you’re slightly pissed off all the time and get strong as hell (high androgenic). But, unfortunately, D-Bol severely suppresses the hypothalamic/ pituitary axis… which then completely shuts down your nuts!

So although bio-chemists at Ciba had the right idea with D-Bol (trying to make a steroid “50-50”), they could only accomplish this through suppression of hormonal output which in the long run is of no benefit at all…and often guys end looking up worse than when they started after the famous “D-Bol crash”!

Dynabolan™ on the other hand is 50/50 anabolic/androgenic…but instead of suppressing hormonal function, it increases it! This is the natural androgen component…and a separate anabolic component called 2-testerole has been added that works independently of its “androgenic prong.”

This is vital because in the past, a synthetic steroid like D-Bol could not separate its androgenic/anabolic properties. But the steroid bio-chemists at Russia Labs were successful in separating the two so they could work independently of each other for a perfect 50-50 anabolic to androgenic ratio.And because of this…you never have to “cycle on and off” Dynabolan™ like you do D-Bol. And besides, D-Bol makes you too puffy and bloated.

Dynabolan™, (although not as strong as D-Bol the first 15 days) has a very prolonged muscle-building effect that can continue without interruption for up to a year before discontinuation is advised. And since Dynabolan™ “kicks-in” testosterone production, many guys are taking it with mild doses of Deca for a super anabolic effect. (But be sure to get a prescription for it first). But amazingly…you don’t need a prescription for Dynabolan™ because it’s not an illegal anabolic like Deca. All you need is a telephone number and your trusty credit card and Dynabolan™ can be at your door step tomorrow. So order now!

Dynabolan is still available in limited supply in the USA but it's running out fast. This testosterone replacement pill from Russia Labs known to be an effective way for bodybuilders to add mass and strength to their muscles.

Dynabolan, also affectionately known as legal D-bol, is an anabolic steroid alternative from Russia Labs. It was originally developed for the US market as a legal, non-prescription substitute to the popular underground anabolic steroid Dianabol. The proprietary ingredient, 2-testerol, was developed by Russian bio-chemists and is designed to mimic the effects of anabolic steroids without the estrogen related side effects that many synthetic anabolic steroids have.

In other words, the use of Dynabolan shouldn't result in suppressing the body's natural production of testosterone; supposedly making it a safer alternative to illegal anabolic steroids. This also allows athletes to take longer cycles without having to worry about post cycle therapy or PCT.

According to our research, Dynabolan is said to have a "perfect" 50/50 balance of anabolic to androgenic properties. This ratio supposedly results in a well rounded muscle builder that has the potential for massive strength and size gains. It is also marketed as having a wide range of features that include increases in testosterone (through natural pathways); it helps build red blood cells for a bigger, better muscle "pump"; it opens up your veins for better delivery of nutrients to the muscle; helps increase oxygen delivery to the muscle for more endurance and improved VO2 max; and it has strong pre-workout energy boost, along with anti-oxidants to help keep your body clear of free radicals.

Like the synthetic steroid "dbol", Dynaboan is supposed to be used along with a muscle mass building exercise and nutrition program. This requires excessive amounts of protein consumption and heavy resistance weight training. And although it can be used as a stand-alone product; Dynabolan is best utilized as the base anabolic in a multi-product stack that contains protein, creatine and a multi vitamin. According to the manufacturer, Dynabolan does not contain any weight loss stimulants or other catabolic ingredients.

Bodybuilders who take their workouts very seriously may find Dynabolan is a safe alternative to using illegal anabolic steroids. Although it is available for sale to men and women over the age of 18, men over the age of 35 are the most susceptible to low testosterone levels and may find this product to be the most useful.

Because of the nature of this product, you won't find it in GNC type stores. It can only be purchased online and at a few select gyms across the USA. And with the recent FDA and DEA crackdown on these types of products, Dynabolan isn't expected to be available for much longer.


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