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DECCABOLAN by Muscle Labs USA : Best PreContest Product

DECCABOLAN by Muscle Labs USA:Average Internet Retail Price was $70-$100 + shipping Per 60 capsules. Product is Distributed By: Muscle Labs USA(TM), Miami,Florida Phone (727)210-5351

Manufacturer - Muscle Labs USA
Model # - decca-durabol-60
SKU - decca-60
Submitted By - Muscle Labs USA (Distributor, Retailer)
Country - United States
Category - Bodybuilding : Muscle : Legal Steroids

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decca :   60
capsules :   60
bottle :   1
deccabolan :   1
milligrams :   200


Muscle Labs USA Deccabolan bodybuilding supplement and musclebuilder is truly a must have for anyone training for an event that demands a rock-hard, and shredded physique.MMA fighters,military guys,boxers and pre contest boduilders who need those abdominals.....this is it!!

Read The Internet Feedback on This Unique Musclebuilder for yourself ! Absolutely AMAZING Reviews!

Reviews Everywhere say "Better Than TREN",or "By far the best musclebuilder in recent years" and "Best Precontest Product for bodybuilders",and "MMA fighters and other intense training athletes need this supplement in their pre-fight|precontest regimen".

Deccabolan-Andro is reportedly by far the best anabolic-promoting agent for getting those lean, vascular, hard looking muscle gains. Deccabolan is most commonly utilized as a "pre contest supplement" because of it's ability to drastically change a physique in a very short period of time. The bioavailability and the low aromatization property along with it's muscle building abilities has made Deccabolan-Androstenolone the professional bodybuilder’s favorite precontect praparation supplement.

Besides the function of drastically facilitating the process responsible for adding lean muscle mass and strength, Deccabolan(Androstenolone) also has other impressive effects that make it desirable to bodybuilders and competitive athletes. While only mildly androgenic, Deccabolan(TM) assists in the process of the protein synthesis, and helps to add more "fullness" to the body muscles by means of properly retaining water and proper nitrogen balance.

Aside from gaining a lean, hard and shredded physique, there are other effects that have been repeatedly reported over and over by regular users such as:
-sex drive increased
-aggression while working out which produced a very intense workout
-mental focus in the gym increases
-increase in appetite
-rapid strength gains, almost instant.
-faster recovery time and less soreness which allows you to work out more often.
-rediculous muscle pumps that seem to stay long after your workout is over.

New scientific break throughs in capsule binders and fillers allows deccabolan it to be rapidly absorbed but released over a prolonged period of time and this permits deccabolan's ingredients to take effect over an extended period of time.

This product SELLS OUT FAST!! Only 1 per customer -Or- There will be No shipping discounts on Multiple Orders.

Supplement consists of a unique proprietary blend of constituent/pre-cursor + 100mg 3-beta-Hydroxy-5-androsten-17-one,dihydro-EPI-,Androsterone.
Very potent, high grade,Combination Designed for Serious Bodybuilders and Athletes.

Manufactured By: Muscle Labs USA(TM), Miami,Florida Phone (727)21-5351

Take only as directed, drink plenty of water.

Disclaimer: In the United States, Deccabolan is sold as a dietary supplement, and dietary supplements are regulated as foods, not drugs. Therefore, premarket evaluation and approval by the Food and Drug Administration are not required unless claims are made for specific disease prevention or treatment. Results may vary. Claims made regarding ergogenic benefit are based on the subjective results of users,internet reviews and previous consumers,which were reported in non controlled conditions. Information herein is provided for informational purposes. The statements contained within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These product are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.These products do not contain any illegal ingredients. All products and brands names of Dietary Supplements are trademarks of their respective manufactures.All products are legal in the USA and contain FDA approved ingredients. Moneyback guarantee applies to sealed products returned within 10 days.Use and sales is strictly limited to individuals over the age of 18 years old. Prior to beginning any serious weight training regimen and supplementation, you should always Consult a medical practitioner.***This product may be banned for use in some athletic organizations. Check with your athletic committee before using any type of supplement that is designed as an athletic enhancement product.

Androstenolone Facts: DECCABOLAN is non-methylated HLC micronized formula.
Androstenolone is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glands and it is the adrenal hormone precursor for numerous hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Androstenolone is sometimes called the “mother hormone” because the body is able to synthesize estrogen and testosterone from it, two other well-known steroid hormones, Androstenolone is the most abundant naturally occurring hormone precursor in the human body and is not water soluble. However, this micronized form has an extremely small particle size of 50 microns that facilitates assimilation and absorption when taken internally or sublingually. It is also incorporated in many formulas and supplements that claim to increase muscle mass, longevity, libido, etc. As with other hormones, androsterone decreases as we age. In normal adults, natural Androstenolone levels peak around the age of twenty, and then decrease steadily. The lower the level becomes, the more susceptible a person is to sickness. If you think you have low levels, a simple blood or saliva test at your physician’s office is the best way to confirm this.

As the most abundant steroid in the bloodstream and as the precursor for the production and synthesis of many other hormones, such as estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisone, and others, Androstenolone is the most naturally-occurring hormone or the most common steroid in the human body. Depending on the body’s needs for specific functions, Androstenolone can be transformed into testosterone (the primary male sex hormone), estrogen (an important female sex hormone), or other steroids. Optimal levels of Androstenolone are directly linked to increased energy, healthy immune and cardiovascular function, improved memory and elevated mood. Adequate Androstenolone levels give the body the building blocks necessary to synthesize these hormones. Taking Androstenolone may increase IGF-1 levels and improve the sense of well-being. Conversely, low levels of Androstenolone have been linked with coronary artery disease. Androstenolone is also responsible for producing hormones that regulate fat and mineral metabolism, as well as stress.

In the United States, Androstenolone is sold as a dietary supplement, and dietary supplements are regulated as foods, not drugs. Therefore, premarket evaluation and approval by the Food and Drug Administration are not required unless claims are made for specific disease prevention or treatment.

Manufactured by Muscle Labs USA Miami,Florida
Phone (727)210-5351


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