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Model 7420 CAT5 RJ45 A/B Switch, Remote Port

Model 7420 Switch controlled vis pushbutton or via a remote control port. The Model 7420 retains the current switch position and maintains continuity through the switch even during a power failure.

Manufacturer - Electro Standards Laboratories
Model # - 7420
SKU - 307420
Submitted By - Electro Standards Laboratories (Manufacturer)
Country - United States
Category - Network Switch : A/B Switches : RJ45 CAT5

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Model 7420 CAT5 RJ45 A/B Switch, Remote Port


Port Connectors :   (3) RJ45(F): A, B, COM
Category 5 Compliance :   Meets or exceeds CAT5 performance
Remote Control Port :   (1) DB9(F): RS232 Serial Data
Pushbutton Control :   (1) Selects port A or B
LEDs Display :   (2) Red: Switch Position, Power Status
UL Approved Power Mod :   115VAC, 60Hz for 12VDC, 500mA
Dimensions: Desktop :   16.8" W x 1.75" H x 8.0" D
Weight :   Approximatley 4.5 lbs.


Model 7420 CAT5 RJ45 A/B Switch with Remote Control Port

The PathWay® Model 7420 network switch provides network access in a low profile unit. The Model 7420 CAT 5 switch allows a single device connected to the COMMON port to access either of two networks connected to ports A and B. Switch position can be controlled by either front panel pushbutton or through a remote control port on the rear panel. Switch position is indicated by front panel LEDs or by the query command sent to the remote port. The Model 7420 retains the current switch position and maintains continuity through the switch even during a power failure.


Switches all 8 pins of the RJ45 interface.
A, B and COMMON ports are transparent to data.
Manual control by front panel pushbuttons.
M7420 AB switch features manual control via pushbuttons.
Remote switch control via DB9 RS-232 Serial Control port.
Switch position shown on the front panel LED display or by devices connected through the remote port.
Remote commands include switch position control, query of switch status, and front panel lockout.
Switch position and continuity through the switch are maintained even if power is removed or a power failure occurs.
Electro Standards can custom design CAT 5 switches to meet your specific requirements.

All commands are ASCII CONTROL commands created by holding the [CRTL] key and character key simultaneously.
Commands Function
CTRL-A switch to A
CTRL-B switch to B
CTRL-P query for current status
CTRL-L lock out front panel pushbutton
CTRL-U unlock pushbutton
CTRL-V firmware version number


Port Connectors: (3) RJ45 (F) ports A, B, and COMMON ports.
Compliance: Interface meets or exceeds Category 5 performance.
Controls: (1) Manual pushbutton to select port A or B.
Display: (2) Red LEDs display switch position and indicate power status.
Supervisory Remote Port: (1) DB9/female on rear panel allows remote switch control via RS232 serial data.
Power: UL approved 110/120 VAC / 60 Hz, wall mount power module supplies 12 VAC, 500 mA to the Model 7420.
Dimensions: Desktop Configuration is standard 16.8" W x 1.75" H x 8.0" D.
If rackmount option is added, the width become 19" when the ears are attached.
Weight: 3.5 lbs.


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