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Deliri SiLo

SiLo is a digital system designed to overcome the barriers in communication between languages and celebrate the innovation of speech on a world level.

Manufacturer - Deliri
Model # - DeliriSoftware 1.0
Submitted By - Deliri (Developer)
Country - Canada
Category - Info Technology : Software : Website

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language :   70
dialects :   800
sign language :   2
fantasy languages :   10
video :   10


Speak in, Language out (SiLo) is a digital system designed to overcome the barriers in communication between languages.

With support for over 900 languages and dialects, SiLo has great potential as a Universal Language Translator. But SiLo is about more than just transforming words so they can coherently pass through the ears of others; it lets you take a look at the fantastic variety of individuals with whom you share this planet.

Tune in and hear people from around the world speaking in their native language. Witness a community of people with different cultures, customs and beliefs taking shape before your eyes, and instantly connect with them. Gain a better understanding of the ways in which they interact and celebrate the innovation of speech on a global scale through an easy to use website.

SiLo was built to help overcome the language barrier for the entire planet, and not just a handful of commonly-used languages at a superficial level. Here's how our approach is different from that of Google and just about anyone else out there:

* Context- and grammar-sensitive translations
* Native speakers with proper pronunciation vs. monotone robot voices
* Supports different dialects of the same language
* Supports physically-based languages (e.g. Sign Language)
* Includes Auxiliary and Artistic languages (e.g. Esperanto, Klingon)
* User-generated content
* Community-building features
* Suggestion lists of related phrases (helpful for learning a language)
* Moderation systems to filter out poor contributions

Sound promising? Here's how it works: human speech is broken up into words and phrases, and are translated between two languages by volunteers. The contributions are then linked together by common languages, enabling cross-language search.


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