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Pro-Shift PS3 System

Semi-automatic Electronic Paddleshift Gearshifting System available for all sequentially geared applications. Features over 170 adjustable parameters, Fully Closed Loop technology, Soft Ignition Rrestore and Emergency Mode. Laptop programmable.

Manufacturer - Pro-Shift Technologies Limited
Model # - PS3
Submitted By - Pro-Shift Technologies Limited (Owner, Developer)
Country - England
Category - Automotive : Gearshifting System : Racing Product

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Gearchange Speed :   Less than 10 milliseconds
Adjustable Parameters :   Over 170
RPM Recognition :   1 to 12 cylinder
Variable Op. Power :   100% - 1% for all shifts
Operating temperature :   Up to 130 oC


The Pro-Shift PS3 specifically for sequential gearboxed race and rally cars.Also available for Superbikes. This Gearshifter is bi-modal and switches between wet and dry modes. It boasts over 170 adjustable parameters. Some of the main features are:-
Fully Closed Loop Technology using gearbox feedback with adjustable windows for instant valid gear detection
Stand alone Closed Loop+ Plus (TM) Technology featuring linear feedback recognition
Open Loop which amazingly still features graduated ignition cuts with automatic neutral reset detection
Graduated ignition or fuel injection cuts for flat shifting (programmable for all upshifts)
Ignition or fuel injection ramping on after ignition or fuel cut if desired (programmable for all upshifts)
Auto Upshift Facility at pre-programmed max power RPM, press and hold upshift paddle or button (programmable for all upshifts) Note This can be easily disabled to comply with certain race series regulations
Gear specific safe Max RPM Downshift "Lock Out" which prevents downshift engine overrev (programmable for all downshifts)
Max Torque Downshift (TM) providing gear specific automated max torque downshifting for guaranteed maximum acceleration after downshifts
1/2 shift neutral acquisition removes any worry about finding neutral on the grid
Gearshift specific individually timed operations for every upshift and downshift
Featuring integral bridge support capacitors for instantaneous high power operation
Programmable max engine RPM rev limiter
1-12 Cylinder RPM recognition and measurement parameters
Compatible with all of our Auto-Blip Downshifters offering graduated "on times", electrically operated units available (programmable for all gears)
Auto-Retry of any miss-selected gear (upshift or downshift)
Variable Gearshift Operating Power 100% - 1% for ALL shifts, not available on any airshift system
Variable Up and Downshift "on times" for gearshift solenoid (programmable for all gears)
Emergency Mode In case of any system fault such as rotary potentiometer failure an 'emergency mode' is provided, should the 'emergency light' start to flash on the dashboard, simply selecting 'emergency mode' will bypass the systems gearshift parameter restrictions, this then allows unrestrained use of the gearshift paddles with all feedback disabled. Every time paddles are pressed a gearshift will be completed in that operable direction, once set the PS3 software will predetermine the timing of each gearshift
All software and leads are provided with the PS3 System and all parameters are fully adjustable by pc or laptop down to 1mS (millisecond) increments
Equally suited to sequentially gearboxed race and rally cars this patented gearshifting system will not only provide F1 style gearshifting technology for top of the range racecars fitted with rotary gearbox potentiometers it will also provide a fully integrated stand alone closed loop system for vehicles without rotary potentiometers thus enormously extending the technology available to these vehicles at a very affordable price.


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