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NearbyExpress Wholesale Car Headlight Kit H3 4300K (HID Xenon H3 by DriversEdge)

New HID Xenon Headlamp Kit H3 with Warm-white light (4300k) and greater visibility makes your night driving more comfortable and safer. This headlamp kits contains everything you need to convert your cars head lights into modern HID Xenon Headlamps

Manufacturer - Car Headlight Kits NearbyExpress
Model # - SKU: 69-04143-002
SKU - SKU: 69-04143-002
Submitted By - NearbyExpress Car Headlight Kits (Wholesaler, Distributor)
Country - China
Category - LED Light : Car Led Light

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Name :   Factory-Direct HID Xenon Headlamp DIY Conversion Ki
Size :   H3 Sockets
Color Temperature :   4300K
Rated Life :   3000 Hours
Rated Lumens :   3200
Lamp Base :   H3
Input Voltage :   9-16V
Normal Voltage :   12V
Max Input Current :   10A
Rated Current :   3.5A


Factory-Direct Car HID Xenon Headlight Upgrade Kit (base size H3, white color of 4300K) for conversion of your existing auto head lamps to bright and efficient xenon lights.

As you have probably noticed in many "high-end" vehicles these days, a new age of car headlights has arrived. These new headlamps provide multiple advantages over the traditional halogen lighting source found in many passenger cars. Anyone who often drives on roadways with no street lighting, drives on rural roads, or drives in dangerous weather can appreciate the safety and peace of mind for their family that comes with these new style head lamps. Besides the general safety advantages offered from these lights, they also offer these additional benefits -

Higher Lumens: While standard halogen auto headlights can provide 700-1000 lumens on average, these HID Xenon bulbs give you 2800-3200 lumens on average, which is 3x more lumens, which means three times as much light!

Better Color: The halogen lamps currently installed in your vehicle have a color temperature of about 3000K, which is a warm white color like you might use in your home living room. While this is a comfortable color of light for reading and relaxing your eyes, if you want better visibility then you need higher road contrast and brightness, meaning that you want a cooler (blue) color of light. With this 4300K headlamp, you get a cooler light that is is not too intense. This color is good for people who may do a lot of driving in urban areas. Why? Because when you hear people complain about the new style headlights being too bright and "blinding" other drivers, it is because the color temperature is too high, making the environmental contrast too intense for their eyes to adjust quickly. In simple terms, if you primarily drive on busy city streets, then this 4300K model is the best choice for you!

Increased Visibility: This Car HID Xenon Headlight Upgrade Kit by DriversEdge provides peace of mind and enhanced driving safety by improving your night vision by an extra 25-30 meters, with more than twice the light coverage on the road than you had before. This leads to improved vision produces greater reaction time and visual clarity for you to avoid unexpected road hazards and pedestrians. With drivers like yourself spending more time on the road during the evening than ever before, poor visibility conditions can make night driving a potentially hazardous experience, making HID Xenon head lights an important car upgrade for you and your families safety.

Summary: New HID Xenon Car Headlamps can be a very important upgrade to provide peace of mind for light and bad weather driving. Did we also mention that this DIY car headlamp conversion kit includes everything you need to do your car headlight upgrade for yourself? Yes, everything is pre-wired and the package even includes an illustrated instruction sheet. Anyone who can do some simple car maintenance can easily upgrade their vehicle with this wholesale Car HID Xenon Headlight Upgrade Kit by DriversEdge.

Call To Action: With our low factory-direct wholesale price, this car head lamp conversion kit is the perfect item to use to upgrade your own car and list on your Amazon or eBay internet store as well as feature on the frontpage of your dedicated webshop. Name brand kits like these normally sell for three times our wholesale price, meaning you can feature all our conversion kits in your dropship listing at a 100% markup and still be selling them for less than many of your competitors, meaning that this is the perfect category for anyone who wants to be dropshipping more china electronics from NearbyExpress. So don't wait, start listing these on your web store now to generate yourself some very profitable sales!

Product Highlights

Factory-Direct HID Xenon Headlamp DIY Conversion Kit
Size H3 Sockets
4300K White Light
More than 3x brighter than your existing car lights
See farther, wider, clearer
DriversEdge OEM brand = high quality, low factory-direct price
Greatly increases driving safety
Comes with everything you need to get started

China Manufacturer Specifications

Product Description: Vehicle HID Xenon Car Headlamp Conversion Kit
Bulb Parameters:
- Color Temperature: 4300K
- Rated Life: 3000 Hours
- Rated Lumens: 3200
- Lamp Base: H3
Ballast Parameters:
- Input Voltage: 9-16V
- Normal Voltage: 12V
- Max Input Current: 10A
- Rated Current: 3.5A
- Output Wattage: 35W
- Working Temperature: -40 C to 105 C
Product Note 1: Designed for H3 sockets. We highly recommend that you check your owner's manual if you are unsure of your car's lamp base. You may also find more information here, Car Headlight Upgrade Information Page
Product Note 2: Great upgrade for any car, truck, van, or SUV
Product Note 3: Kit contains everything you need to do the complete upgrade yourself

Package Contents for SKU# 69-04143-002

2x Pre-wired Lamp + Cable Sets
2x Ballasts + Mounting Parts
1x English Language Instruction Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions about HID Xenon Head Lamps

Why can't I just replace the halogen bulbs in my vehicle with Xenon HID lamps without having to purchase the entire kit?
Halogen bulbs run directly off of your cars power supply. However, xenon HID lighting systems require a much higher starting pulse to ignite the bulbs. Once lit, they only require 12 volts to keep running. This kit includes the ballasts that are necessary to ignite and then regulate power to the xenon lamps.

Could I re-install the original halogen bulbs after the Xenon HID kit has been installed?
With the growing popularity of leasing vehicles, a big concern is whether or not you can bring the vehicle back to its original factory condition. Our kits install with little or no modifications to your vehicle. If need be, the entire kit can be removed and the original halogen bulbs replaced. This kit can be re-installed into another vehicle that uses the same bulb size.

Could I Install the kit myself?
For anyone who is mechanically inclined, this installation is considered an easy "do-it-yourself" job. The typical installation takes approximately an hour from start to finish.

Are these bulbs used for low beam or high beam replacements?
It depends on the car manufacturer. Most cars use a system that involves actually having two lamps per headlight, a "High" lamp rated at xx watts (typically 35) and a "Standard" rated at xx watts (typically 35). In this case the DriversEdge H3 (SKU 69-04143-002) would be a replacement for either the high or low lamp. However, do check your cars user manual or dealer, because some manufacturers do use a 50w bulb and not a 35w bulb for the "High" lamps.


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