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Solar Plexus: The Secret Gravitational System

Volume 1 - Solar Plexus: The Secret Gravitational System documents the science or physics behind Law of Attraction.

Manufacturer - Whiffs of Bliss
Model # - Volume I
SKU - 1456300474
Submitted By - Whiffs of Bliss (Distributor)
Country - Canada
Category - Book

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Book :   8x10
Science :   Gravity
Spiritual :   Law of Attraction
Religion :   God
Joie :   Whiffs of Bliss


Oprah reveals how there's more to The Secret than we realize, in terms of forces in the universe. New science investigates G THEORY to explore the mystery of gravity and its profound correlation with God and Law of Attraction. Scientists say without Gravity, NOTHING (and no one) would exist, and religions say the same thing about God; what is the difference, really?

Most have heard of the popular Law of Attraction, but few have made a correlation between it and other magnificent laws in the universe. As Newton and Einstein's theories intrigued the world, Joie introduces G THEORY, and takes the science of gravity, God, and attraction to a new level of exploration.

EXCERPT: "With omnipotent sovereignty, gravity governs, organizes, forms, and deforms all mass, and energy in the universe; it is the ultimate creator - God. All mass, including humans, energetic organisms, and earth itself with its magnetosphere, have vibrations that play roles in gravitational co-creation; this is the Law of Attraction in Action."


* Scientific formulas unifying forces

* A Gravitational System chart to reference potential states of attraction

* The topics of Contrast, Language, and more is discussed

From String Theory to M Theory, both mystery and mastery is revealed in “Solar Plexus: The Secret Gravitational System.”


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