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100mW 532nm Green Beam Laser Pointer Pen Black 854

This is a pen-shaped laser pointer which has a 532nm wave length and 100mW output power. 100mw green laser pointer is made of high quality aluminum alloy which is durable enough for a long time using.

Manufacturer - Laser Pointer Pen Black 854
Model # - Black 854
SKU - 87-36107-019
Submitted By - papatekusa (Wholesaler, Provider)
Country - United States
Category - Tools : Laser Pointer

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Wave Length :   532nm
Output Power :   100mW
Power :   2 x AA Batteries
Size :   160 x 21mm / 6.3 x 0.8in (L x Dia.)
Function :   Better visibility and better penetrability



1. Wave Length: 532nm
2. Output Power: 100mW
3. Power: 2 x AA Batteries
4. Size: 160 x 21mm / 6.3 x 0.8in (L x Dia.)
5. Better visibility and better penetrability
6. 100mw Green Laser Pointer Pen-a great item for star parties and backyard astronomy
7. Trace the constellations or point out a target or location with this 532nm Green Laser Pointer
8. This 100mw green laser pointer pen is a great teaching tool for astronomy outreach and education
9. Talk about the stars with confidence that everyone sees the correct stars and constellations
10. 100mw Green Laser Pointer is compact and lightweight

What's this? Is it a pen? No, this is a pen-shaped laser pointer which has a 532nm wave length and 100mW output power. 100mw green laser pointer is made of high quality aluminum alloy which is durable enough for a long time using. Green laser pointer pen is widely used in many occasions. You can use this 100mw green laser pointer to point at any desired targets on projection screens, video monitors, and presentation graphics. It will bring a lot of convenience to your daily life. This 532nm green laser pointer is a power saving product which can be powered by two AA batteries. You just need to press the button to launch the green laser beam. Easy to operate! What's more, the pen-shaped design looks so cool and beautiful, and is convenient to carry. This item has a competitive price and it's free shipping. Why not choose one right now? You will be surprised by your choice!
A laser pointer is a small laser designed to highlight something of interest by projecting a small bright spot of colored light onto it. The laser beam is not in itself visible from the side, but is visible as a result of light scattered by dust particles along the beam path. The small width of the beam and low power of typical laser pointers make the beam itself invisible in a reasonably clean atmosphere, showing a point of light when striking an opaque surface. Some higher powered laser pointers are faintly visible via Rayleigh scattering when viewed from the side in moderately or dimly lit conditions.


1. The laser can be bright enough when you light it in normal temperature, so you had better not light it continually over 30 seconds
2. When do not use it, please take off the battery from the laser in order to avoid the damage
3. In some countries these laser pointers (especially the higher powered ones) may be illegal to own and / or use.
4. Therefore, you (the customer) accept all responsibly and liability to determine and fulfill the requirements and limitations of use or resale of these products in accordance with your country's laws and regulations.
5. In the event of resale, you also need to agree to incorporate this notation in the product description, so that any potential buyer can be well informed before make a purchasing decision

Safety Considerations:

Laser pointers are effective tools when used properly. The following considerations should be observed when using laser pointers:
1. Never look directly into the laser beam
2. Never point a laser beam at a person
3. Do not aim the laser at reflective surfaces
4. Never view a laser pointer using an optical instrument, such as binocular or a microscope
5. Do not allow children to use laser pointers unless under the supervision of an adult

Use only laser pointers meeting the following criteria:

1. Labeled with FDA certification stating "DANGER: Laser Radiation" for Class 3R lasers or "CAUTION: Laser Radiation" for Class 2 pointers
2. Classified as Class 2 or 3R according to the label. Do not use Class 3b or 4 products
3. Operate at a wavelength between 630 nm and 680 nm
4. Have a maximum output less than 5mW, the lower the better

Package Included:

1 x 50mW Green Beam Laser Pointer Pen


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