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Quickpro's Pentax K10D App

Want to Take Photos Like a Pro? You'll never have to miss the shot of your life again with Quickpro. Whether it’s that birthday surprise, graduation ceremony, or your daughters' wedding day, the ability to take a photo like a Pro is within reach.

Manufacturer - Quickpro, LLC
Model # - 856475001123
SKU - 856475001123
Submitted By - Quickpro, LLC (Manufacturer)
Country - United States
Category - Photography : Digital Camera

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iPhone :   Yes
iPad :   Yes
iTunes :   Yes
Compatible with :   iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Requires :   iOS 3.1.2 or later


Want to Take Photos Like a Pro? The Answer Will Now Be in Your Pocket.

With iPhone Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. Whether it’s that birthday surprise, graduation ceremony, or your daughters' wedding day, the ability to take a photo like a Pro is within reach. It's literally in your pocket. Easy to use, full color video guides to all the top digital models are available for quick reference and review on your Apple iPhone.

QuickPro Camera Guides, the leading producer of Camera Guide tutorials, announces Pentax K10D. Now you have ready to go instruction of all camera functions where you need it and when you need it. Really want to capture the Colliseum and Pantheon on your trip to Rome? Take along your iPhone and, while you're on the plane, enjoy a Pro training session with a QuickPro Camera Guide specialist. It's as easy as picking up the phone.

Includes a 20% discount off the purchase of our many QuickPro Camera Guide Series available at


- Instructional video on all aspects of photography and camera.
- On the go video playback. No WIFI required after inital install for watching in the field.
- Interactive search to find information on particular camera features.
- Online customer support.
- Email QuickPro camera guides from the iPhone Application for 20% off the purchase of any QuickPro Camera Guide Series.

Subjects Include:

Getting Started
Camera Parts
Lens Basics
Shutter Assembly
Image Sensor
Memory Card
Set Up
Battery Management
Mounting the Lens
Installing Memory Card
Reformatting Memory Card
Adjusting the Viewfinder
Point and Shoot
LCD Panel
Focus Switch
Zoom Ring
Shake Reuction
Playback & Delete
Analogy for Exposure
Motion and Exposure
Secondary Effects of Exposure
Advanced Shooting
Hyper Program Mode
ISO Settings
Shutter Speeds
SV, TV, AV Modes
Manual Mode
Flash X-Sync Mode
Image Sharpness
Motion Blur
Focus Points
Lens Focus
Shooting Tips
Drive Modes
Drive Mode Screen
Self Timer
JPEG & RAW Settings
Protecting Pictures
White Balance
White Balance Theory
Preset White Balance
Custom White Balance
Flash White Balance
Lighting & Exposure
Camera Meter
Metering Modes
The Nature of Light
Composition & Theory
Angle & Magnification
Shooting Positions
Camera Lenses
Composition & Design
Horizon Line
Rule of Thirds
The Eyes Have It
Foreground Objects

This training content was produced by QuickPro, LLC. This product is not sponsored by Pentax, Corp. or its subsidiaries. Pentax Product Names and terminology are trademarks of Pentax, Corp.



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