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Hp 319411-001N battery fit 113955-001 294038-182 319411-001N laptop battery

Hp 319411-001N battery fit 113955-001, 294038-182, 319411-001N, 361742-001, F4812A, HSTNN-DB13, HSTNN-IB13, HSTNN-Q09C laptop battery and compatible with the model HP OmniBook XE4 Series, Omnibook XE4000, OmniBook XE4100-F4641HC

Manufacturer -
Model # - Hp 319411-001N, 294038-182, 319411-001N
SKU - NHP008
Submitted By - (Manufacturer, Wholesaler)
Country - United States
Category - Li-ion : 14.8V : HP Battery

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Battery Type :   Li-ion
Capacity :   4400 mAh
Battery Volt :   14.8V
Battery Color :   Black
Battery Weight :   535.82g
Dimensions :   134.40x95.00x21.80mm
Conditions :   Brand New
Warranty :   1 year warranty
319411-001N :   Hp 319411-001N
113955-001 :   Hp 113955-001
Hp 294038-182 :   Hp 294038-182
Hp 361742-001 :   Hp 361742-001
Hp 371785-001 :   Hp 371785-001
Hp 371786-001 :   Hp 371786-001


Hp 319411-001N battery - Replacement Laptop Battery for Hp 319411-001N(4400 mAh, Li-ion, 14.8V) online store by

Hp 319411-001N battery Feature:
Product ID: NHP008
Battery Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 4400 mAh
Battery Volt: 14.8V
Battery Color: Black
Battery Weight: 535.82g
Dimensions: 134.40x95.00x21.80mm

This Hp 319411-001N Laptop Battery is compatible with the following models:

Evo N1010V Evo N1050V Series Evo N1050V-DC749A
Evo N1050V-DC750A Evo N1050V-DC751A Evo N1050V-DC767T
Evo N1050V-DC768T Evo N1050V-DC769T Evo N1050V-DC770T
Evo N1050V-DD152T Evo N1050V-DD153T Evo N1050V-DD154S
Evo N1050V-DE236S Evo N1050V-DE237S Evo N1050V-DJ105S
Evo N1050V-DJ106S Evo N1050V-DJ156S Presario 100CA
Presario 1100 Series Presario 1110 Series Presario 1110-F5781
Presario 1110-F5876 Presario 1110DE Series Presario 1110GR Series
Presario 1110IT Series Presario 1110UK Series Presario 1115 Series
Presario 1115-F5782 Presario 1115-F5877 Presario 1115GR Series
Pavilion ZE5512EA Pavilion ZE5512EA-DP864E Pavilion ZE5513 Series
Pavilion ZE5513AP-DR223A Pavilion ZE5514 Series Pavilion ZE5514AP-DR486A Pavilion ZE5560US-DP473UR
Pavilion ZE5565 Series Pavilion ZE5568 Series Pavilion ZE5568CL-DM769A
Pavilion ZE5568CL-DM769AR Pavilion ZE5568QV-DP472U Pavilion ZE5570 Series
Pavilion ZE5570US-DM767A Pavilion ZE5570US-DM767AR Pavilion ZE5575 Series
Pavilion ZE5575SR-DM768A Pavilion ZE5580 Series Pavilion ZE5580US-DM766A
Pavilion ZE5587 Series Pavilion ZE5587LA-DR202A Pavilion ZE5590 Series
Pavilion ZE5590US-DP470U Pavilion ZE5600 Series Pavilion ZE5600-DP660AV
Pavilion ZE5600-DP661AV Pavilion ZE5600-DR093AV Pavilion ZE5601 Series
Pavilion ZE5601AP-DW955P Pavilion ZE5601EA-DY639E Pavilion ZE5602AP-DW956P
Pavilion ZE5602EA-DY635E Pavilion ZE5602EA-DY636E Pavilion ZE5602US-DU915U
Pavilion ZE5602US-DU915UR Pavilion ZE5603 Series Pavilion ZE5603AP-DW957P
Pavilion ZE5738RS-DZ364UR Pavilion ZE5739CL-DZ368U Pavilion ZE5739CL-DZ368UR
Pavilion ZE5740EA-PB821EA Pavilion ZE5749CL-PF194U Pavilion ZE5749CL-PF194UR

Business Notebook N1050v Series Business Notebook NX9000 Series Business Notebook nx9005 -DJ127S
Business Notebook nx9005 -DJ128S Business Notebook nx9005 -DJ145S Business Notebook nx9005 -DJ149S
NX9040-PN873PA Business Notebook NX9040-PN876PA
Business Notebook NX9040-PR634PA Business Notebook NX9040-PT045PA Business Notebook NX9040-PT473PC
Business Notebook NX9040-PT474PC

This Hp 319411-001N Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:

319411-001 361742-001 F4809A

* HP
113955-001 294038-182 319411-001N
361742-001 371785-001 371786-001
372114-001 372114-002 383615-001
916-2150 916-2160 916-2310
BLP1199 F4098A F4809-60901
F4809A F4812A HSTNN-DB13


Description of 319411-001N Hp Laptop Battery

* 100% new high quality 4400 mAh 319411-001N Hp Laptop Battery.
* The 319411-001N Hp Laptop Battery is High-Capacity power products.
* Brand new, 1 year warranty, 30 Days Money back guarantee for 319411-001N Hp Laptop Battery
* We accept credit card payment through WorldPay or PayPal payment system etc. for the 319411-001N Hp Laptop Battery
* Avoid buying spare Battery for later use. Observe manufacturing dates when you receive the new battery. All of our 319411-001N Hp Laptop Battery are manufactured in last thirty days.
* If you have any questions about the Hp 319411-001N Laptop Battery, please email to

Do's and Don'ts for Hp 319411-001N Rechargeable Batteries

1. DO follow the manufacturer's directions carefully for Hp 319411-001N replacement battery storage and care, and don't overcharge batteries.
2. DO charge your Hp 319411-001N battery at room temperature (68°F to 72°F) to extend battery life. Batteries get warm during charging and use¡ªthis is normal. As a precaution, most batteries and chargers are designed to protect against overheating.
3. DO remember to recharge your Hp 319411-001N battery a few hours before you want to use it. Rechargeable batteries lose a percentage of their charge each day when left off the charger.
4. DO keep your Hp 319411-001N battery contact surfaces clean by gently rubbing with a clean pencil eraser, cloth or rubbing alcohol. Dirty contact points are a primary source of charging challenges.
5. DO use only chargers designed for your type of Hp 319411-001N replacement batteries. If unsure about compatibility, contact the product manufacturer.


1. DON'T leave your Hp 319411-001N rechargeable batteries discharged or unused for extended periods of time. To extend battery life, charge them at least every 6-9 months.
2. DON'T recharge a replacment Hp 319411-001N battery unless it is specifically marked "rechargeable". Attempting to recharge a primary (non-rechargeable) battery could result in leakage or rupture.
3. DON'T use Hp 319411-001N rechargeable batteries in chargers that are not designed for the specific battery type.

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