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MLM Software comes in many flavors. Recently, we have been bombarded by half-baked scripts proposing to be viable MLM Software Systems. Our systems are built on 25 years of MLM Software Development and Experience.

Manufacturer - MultiSoft
Model # - MarketPowerPRO Enterprise
Submitted By - (Service Provider, Agent)
Country - United States
Category - Business : ACCOUNTING : Software

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MarketPowerPRO :   The most Scalable MLM Software Ever!
MLM Software :   MLM, Direct Selling, Affiliate, Party Plan
Downline Software :   Binary, Matrix, UniLevel, Hybrid, Linear, Custom
Binary :   2 Wide, Unlimited Depth
Matrix :   Up to 999 Wide and 999 Deep
UniLevel :   Unlimited Width and up to 999 Depth
Back Offices :   Member and Admin Back Office and Features
Data Center :   Secure, Firewalls
Operating System :   ASP.Net is the most secure foundation you can have
Secure Data :   Microsoft SQL Server


Companies and Distributors have certain expectations of functionality and usability of their back office, and online systems. You probably will not require all these features at start up, but you can easily scale up as needed. MarketPowerPro has the capacity of providing the only True International application.

MarketPowerPRO Features and Options
*Some items not included as Standard

TRUE International Scalability with Intuitive rules and data sets per country...

• Terms and Conditions
• Enrollment Rules
• Language Sets
• Currency Sets
• Product Rules
• Design Rules
• Invoice Rules
• Menus Rules
• SEO Data

Member Back Office and Replicated Sites
• True Replicated Websites with Personalized Web Address
• Personalize Site Name (john).(
• Configure Spill / Default Placement of New Members
• Intelligent Distributor Enrollment
• Intelligent Customer Enrollment
• Manage Personal Profile
• Determine Personal Information to be Public
• Upload Personal Photo
• Manage General and Personal Information
• Add Instant Messenger ID's: Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AIM, Skype
• Manage Credit Cards on File
• Manage Bank Accounts
• Manage eWallet Accessibility*
• Establish Commission Payment Method
• Graphical Binary Genealogy
• Graphical Matrix Genealogy
• Graphical UniLevel Genealogy
• Commission Forecaster
• Commission History
• Personal Shopping Cart
• Manage Autoships
• Order History
• Intelligent Social Marketing Tool
• Contact Manager*
• Downline and Customer Email Communicator*
• Newsletter Subscriptions
• Access Sponsor Information
• View and Manage Distributor
• Trouble Ticket System
• Enrollment Reports
• Statistics Reports
• Accounting Reports
• Autoship Reports
• Sales Reports
• Forms and Agreements
• Distributor Training Manual*

Administration: Financial Management
• Merchant Account Integration
• Over 60 Payment Gateways
• Payment Transactions
• Select Acceptable Credit Cards
• Manage Check Registry
• Manage Orders Paid and Shipped
• Full Sales Reports
• Enterprise Commissions Engine
• Setup PrePaid Card Codes*
• Integrate eWallet System*
• Add Orders
• Search Orders
• Order Payments
• Autoship Order History
• Manage Autoships
• Order Settings
• Emailed Receipt to Distributor or Customer
• Cancel or Void Orders

Administration: Merchandise / Inventory Management
• Manage Shopping Catalog
• Manage Measurement Units
• Manage Categories – Names, Images, Permissions
• Manage Products – Details, Prices, CV, Fast Start, Warehouse, Permissions
• Manage Product Images – Intuitive and Detailed Image Viewer
• Manage SKU's – Individual or Sequential Product ID's
• Manage Brands
• Manage Product Offers
• Manage Banners for Social Marketing
• Manage Warehouses Products are Shipped from
• Add and Receive Inventory
• Manage Shipped Orders
• Tax Management
• Discount Coupons
• Product Custom Attributes
• Product SKU Custom Attributes
• Gift Certificate Management
• Gift Certificate Prices
• Gift Certificate Templates
• Redemption Voucher Categories
• Redemption Voucher Template
• Add Redemption Voucher
• RMA Management

Administration: Security
• PCI Compliance
• Secret Questions
• Captcha Codes
• Site Statistics
• Event Log
• Error Log
• IP Block
• IP Auto Block
• Security Settings
• User Role Management and Permissions
• Application based Roles Management and Permissions
• Page based Roles Management and Permissions
• Module based Roles Management and Permissions
• Menu based Roles Management and Permissions
• Content based Roles Management and Permissions

Administration: User Management
• View, Search, & Sort All Users
• View, Search, & Sort by Distributors
• View, Search, & Sort by Service Providers
• View, Search, & Sort by Free Distributors
• View, Search, & Sort by Vendors
• Tabular View of Users
• Login As User
• Edit User
• Edit Status
• Deactivate
• Delete
• Commission Adjustment
• Notes
• Trouble Tickets
• Enrolling Sponsor
• Access Email, Phone, Rank, Username, ID, and more.

Administration: Support
• Customer FAQ Management
• Distributor FAQ Management
• Product FAQ Management
• Trouble Tickets
• Events Management
• Business Materials
• Wishlist Management
• RMA Management
• MultiSoft Business Hour Customer Service
• MultiSoft Emergency Hotline

Administration: Reports
• QuickBooks Export
• Accounting
• Autoships
• Enrollment
• Gateways
• Genealogy
• Products
• Sales
• Statistics
• System

Administration: Website Settings
• Site Settings
• SEO Settings
• File Library
• Skin Management
• Skin Scheduler
• Module Skins
• Menu Skins
• Page Management
• Site Pages
• Distributor Pages
• Menu Management
• Site Menus
• Distributor Menus
• Trouble Ticket Integration and Categories
• International Settings
• Country Driven Menus
• Country Permissions
• Country Enrollment Tax ID's
• Languages
• Language Translations
• Countries
• Currencies
• Enrollment Options
• Define Optional and Required Info for Signup

Administration: Company Settings
• Corporate Profile
• Genealogy Viewer Settings
• Company Genealogy
• Financial Settings
• User Registration Settings

Administration: Shipping Management
• Real Time Shipping Quote at Checkout
• Shipping Regions
• Shipping Methods
• DHL Integration
• USPS Integration
• UPS Integration
• FedEx Integration
• Shipping by Sale Total
• Shipping by Weight

Administration: Communication
• Company Email Relay Settings
• Notification Management
• News Management
• Recent News
• Product News
• Distributor News
• Newsletter Management
• Subscription Groups
• Corporate Subscription Groups
• Newsletter Templates
• Publish Newsletter Template
• FAQ System
• Trouble Ticket System
• Support
• Manage Trouble Tickets

So your new MLM will be the next Big Dog, right?

Will your software truly perform in order to support that statement?

MultiSoft has always pressed the envelope of Industry Standards and Customer Expectations in MLM Software.

MarketPowerPRO Internationalization is the newest benchmark, driving other software providers back to their developers in an attempt to play catch-up.
TRUE International Scalability with Intuitive rules and data sets per country...

Terms and Conditions
Enrollment Rules
Language Sets
Currency Sets
Product Rules
Design Rules
Invoice Rules
Menus Rules
SEO Data

The Options and Features listed were developed for MarketPowerPRO but may not be included in every system deployed.
If particular items are required, be sure to schedule a conference with me and state those requirements. 1-888-221-0106


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