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Model 7274 RS530 A/B Switch, DB25, Contact Remote Control

Model 7274 RS530 AB Switch with DB25 interface supports connections between an RS530 device to be shared between two other devices connected to ports A or B. These ports are also DB25 connectors and each supports an RS530 interface.

Manufacturer - Electro Standards Laboratories
Model # - 7274
SKU - 307274
Submitted By - Electro Standards Laboratories (Manufacturer)
Country - United States
Category - Network Switch : A/B Switches : RS530/DB25

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Model 7274 RS530 A/B Switch, DB25, Contact RemoteNetwork Cables for Model 7274 and other Apps


Port Connectors :   (3) DB25(F): A, B, COMMON
Remote Control :   (1) DB9(F): Accepts Contact Closure
Front Panel Control :   (1) Pushbutton for local switching
Display :   (2) LED's: switch state, power presence
CE/UL Power Module :   100VAC/240VAC, 50HZ/60Hz
Dimensions: Rackmount :   19.0"W x 8.0"D x 1.75"H (48 x 20 x 4 cm)
Weight :   Approximately 4.5 lbs. (2.0 Kg)


Model 7274 Single Channel RS530 A/B Switch, DB25 Interface with Contact Control Remote Control Port

Ideal for device-sharing applications; Applicable to any DB25 interfce device.

The PathWay® Model 7274 Single Channel RS530 AB Switch with DB25 connector interface supports connections between a single RS530 device or peripheral to be shared between two other devices or peripherals connected to ports A or B. These ports are also DB25 connectors and each supports an RS530 interface. The Model 7274 Single Channel unit is compactly enclosed in a low profile, 19-inch 1U rack unit.

This network switch may be controlled locally by manually operating the front panel pushbutton or remotely from the DB9 Contact Control Remote port located on the rear of the unit. The DB9 Remote port provides control by dry contact open/closure logic. The front panel LED display indicates the switch position and unit power status.


Allows quick connection to any one of two DB25 devices from one COMMON device.
DB25 connectors - A, B, and COMMON ports are all DB25 female connectors.
All (25) signal lines of the DB25 RS530 interface connector are switched.
Eliminates the need to plug and unplug cables.
Connections through the switch are transparent to data speed and format.
Local switch position control via pushbutton on front panel.
Remote control via contact closure of specified pins of DB9 Remote port.
Remote control allows off-site monitoring and switch management.
LED's display switch position and power status.
When power is lost, unit retains last switch position and continues to pass data.
When power is restored, switch position will be determined by the state of contact command on REMOTE port.
Wide range power supply is standard with this unit.
Attractive anodized black box packaging provides EMI/RFI shielding.
Unit mounts in standard 19" equipment rack, 1U rack space.
Custom length DB25 cables available for your switch installation.


PORT CONNECTORS: (2) DB25(F) port connectors labeled A and B on rear panel.
(1) DB25(F) connector labeled COMMON on rear panel.
REMOTE CONTROL: (1) DB9(F) REMOTE connector on rear panel allows remote switch control via contact closure.
CONTROL: (1) Pushbutton on front panel allows local control of switch position.
DISPLAY: (2) LED's indicate switch state and power presence.
POWER: UL approved 100 VAC - 240 VAC, 47-63 Hz (wide range) wall mount
power module supplied with the unit. Ideal for international applications.
DIMENSIONS: Rackmount 19.0" W x 8.0" D x 1.75" H (1U rack height) (48.3 x 20.3 x 4.4 cm)
WEIGHT: Approximately 4.5 lbs (2.0 Kg)


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