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TOSHIBA PA3693U-1BRS Battery 10.8 V 6600 mAh

Part Number: PA3693U-1BRS Battery Type: Li-ion Battery Capacity: 6600 mAh Battery Volt: 10.8 V

Manufacturer - Toshiba
Model # - PA3693U-1BRS
Submitted By - (Manufacturer, Distributor)
Country - United States
Category - Laptop Battery : TOSHIBA : PA3693U-1BRS

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Battery Capacity :   6600 mAh
Battery Color :   black
Battery Type :   li-ion
Battery Volt :   10.8 V
Battery Weight :   595.35 g


TOSHIBA PA3693U-1BRS notebook battery replacement. 1 year warranty, fast delivery and high quality.
warranty:1 year warranty, 30 days money back
This TOSHIBA PA3693U-1BRS battery is also compatible with the following models:
Dynabook Satellite T10 130C/4 Dynabook Satellite T10 130C/5 Dynabook Satellite T10 150L/4
Dynabook Satellite T10 150L/5 Dynabook Satellite T11 130C/4 Dynabook Satellite T11 130C/5
Dynabook Satellite T11 160L/4 Dynabook Satellite T11 160L/5 Dynabook Satellite T12 140C/4
Dynabook Satellite T12 140C/5 Dynabook Satellite T12 170L/5 Dynabook Satellite T20 140C/5
Dynabook Satellite T20 173L/5 Dynabook Satellite T20 173L/5X Dynabook TX/3514CDST
Dynabook TX/3514CDSTW Dynabook TX/3514CDSW Dynabook TX/3516LDSW
Portege M300 Portege M300-100 Portege M300 Series
Portege S100 Portege S100-112 Portege S100-113
Portege S100-133 Portege S100-S113TD Portege S100 Series
Qosmio F20 Qosmio F20-101 Qosmio F20-149
Qosmio F20-153 Qosmio F20-161 Qosmio F20 Series
Qosmio F25 Qosmio F25-AV205 Qosmio F25 Series
Satellite A50 Satellite A50-101 Satellite A50-105
Satellite A50-106 Satellite A50-108 Satellite A50-109
Satellite A50-111 Satellite A50-112 Satellite A50-114
Satellite A50-432 Satellite A50-492 Satellite A50-493
Satellite A50-512 Satellite A50-542 Satellite A50-543
Satellite A50 Series Satellite A55 Satellite A55-S106
Satellite A55-S1063 Satellite A55-S1064 Satellite A55-S1065
Satellite A55-S1066 Satellite A55-S129 Satellite A55-S1291
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Satellite Pro S300 Satellite Pro S300-10F Satellite Pro S300-10H
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Satellite Pro S300-11R Satellite Pro S300-11T Satellite Pro S300-120
Satellite Pro S300-121 Satellite Pro S300-EZ1511 Satellite Pro S300-EZ1512
Satellite Pro S300-EZ1513 Satellite Pro S300-EZ1514 Satellite Pro S300-EZ2501
Satellite Pro S300-EZ2502 Satellite Pro S300-EZ2511 Satellite Pro S300-EZ2521
Satellite Pro S300L-10X Satellite Pro S300M Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2401
Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2402 Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2405 Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2421
Satellite Pro S300M-S1001 Satellite Pro S300M-S2142 Satellite Pro S300M-S2403
Satellite Pro S300M Series Satellite Pro S300-S1001 Satellite Pro S300-S2503
Satellite Pro S300-S2504 Satellite Pro S300 Series Tecra A10
Tecra A10-104 Tecra A10-10K Tecra A10-10L
Tecra A10-10P Tecra A10-112 Tecra A10-11T
Tecra A10-13F Tecra A10-13G Tecra A10-13I
Tecra A10-13J Tecra A10-13K Tecra A10-13Q
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Tecra A10-18Z Tecra A10-190 Tecra A10-19P
Tecra A10-19T Tecra A10-19U Tecra A10-1C4
Tecra A10-1C5 Tecra A10-1HG Tecra A10-1HM
Tecra A10-1HN Tecra A10-1HP Tecra A10-1HQ
Tecra A10-1KD Tecra A10-1KE Tecra A10-1LL
Tecra A10-S3501 Tecra A10-S3511 Tecra A10 Series
Tecra A10-ST9010 Tecra A2 Tecra A2 Series
Tecra A3X Tecra A3X-102 Tecra A3X-165
Tecra A3X-166 Tecra A3X-167 Tecra A3X Series
Tecra A8-118 Tecra A9 Tecra A9-102
Tecra A9-10M Tecra A9-11I Tecra A9-11K
Tecra A9-11M Tecra A9-127 Tecra A9-12G
Tecra A9-12H Tecra A9-12T Tecra A9-12U
Tecra A9-12W Tecra A9-132 Tecra A9-13P
Tecra A9-146 Tecra A9-147 Tecra A9-14B
Tecra A9-14F Tecra A9-14G Tecra A9-150
Tecra A9-151 Tecra A9-153 Tecra A9-15F
Tecra A9-15U Tecra A9-16D Tecra A9-16H
Tecra A9-16I Tecra A9-16T Tecra A9-50N
Tecra A9-50Q Tecra A9-50X Tecra A9-51B
Tecra A9-51E Tecra A9-51F Tecra A9-51G
Tecra A9-51H Tecra A9-51S Tecra A9-51U
Tecra A9-51V Tecra A9-S9012X Tecra A9-S9013
Tecra A9-S9013X Tecra A9-S9014 Tecra A9-S9015X
Tecra A9-S9016X Tecra A9-S9017 Tecra A9-S9018V
TECRA A9-S9018V Tecra A9-S9018X Tecra A9-S9019V
Tecra A9-S9019X Tecra A9-S9020V TECRA A9-S9020V
Tecra A9-S9020X Tecra A9-S9021V Tecra A9 Series
Tecra A9-ST9001 TECRA A9-ST9001 SERIES Tecra A9-ST9002
Tecra M10 Tecra M10-10H Tecra M10-10I
Tecra M10-10O Tecra M10-10Q Tecra M10-10R
Tecra M10-10S Tecra M10-10T Tecra M10-10U
Tecra M10-11X Tecra M10-12M Tecra M10-13S
Tecra M10-143 Tecra M10-14S Tecra M10-15A
Tecra M10-15B Tecra M10-17H Tecra M10-180
Tecra M10-181 Tecra M10-18M Tecra M10-196
Tecra M10-19V Tecra M10-1CD Tecra M10-1CE
Tecra M10-1CF Tecra M10-1CN Tecra M10-1CP
Tecra M10-1CR Tecra M10-1DG Tecra M10-1EN
Tecra M10-1H3 Tecra M10-1H4 Tecra M10-1H5
Tecra M10-1H6 Tecra M10-1HE Tecra M10-S1001
Tecra M10-S3401 Tecra M10-S3411 Tecra M10-S3412
Tecra M10 Series Tecra M10-SP2901C Tecra M10-SP2901R
Tecra M10-ST9110 Tecra M2 Tecra M2 Series
Tecra M2V Tecra M2V series Tecra M3
Tecra M3 Series Tecra M3-VACF TECRA M5
Tecra M5-101 Tecra M5-102 Tecra M5-103
Tecra M5-104 Tecra M5-10K Tecra M5-10Q
Tecra M5-118 Tecra M5-119 Tecra M5-121
Tecra M5-122 Tecra M5-127 Tecra M5-129
Tecra M5-132 Tecra M5-133 Tecra M5-135
Tecra M5-143 Tecra M5-210 Tecra M5-211
Tecra M5-292 Tecra M5-382 Tecra M5-383
Tecra M5-384 Tecra M5-386 Tecra M5-387
Tecra M5-388 Tecra M5-389 Tecra M5-390
Tecra M5-403 Tecra M5-415 Tecra M5-417
Tecra M5L Tecra M5L Series Tecra M5-S433
Tecra M5-S4331 Tecra M5-S4332 Tecra M5-S4333
Tecra M5-S5131 Tecra M5-S5231 Tecra M5-S5232
Tecra M5-S5331 Tecra M5-S5332 Tecra M5 Series
Tecra M5-SP721 Tecra M5-ST1412 Tecra M5-ST5011
Tecra M5-ST5012 Tecra M5-ST8112 Tecra M9
Tecra M9-101 Tecra M9-104 Tecra M9-12C
Tecra M9-12K Tecra M9-12L Tecra M9-12R
Tecra M9-12S Tecra M9-12T Tecra M9-136
Tecra M9-139 Tecra M9-13A Tecra M9-147
Tecra M9-149 TECRA M9-14B TECRA M9-14C
TECRA M9-14F Tecra M9-14Y Tecra M9-156
Tecra M9-15H TECRA M9-15I Tecra M9-15K
Tecra M9-15M Tecra M9-15R TECRA M9-15S
TECRA M9-15T Tecra M9-15Y Tecra M9-169
Tecra M9-16F Tecra M9-16H Tecra M9-16N
Tecra M9-185 Tecra M9-18N Tecra M9-196
Tecra M9-19T Tecra M9-1B7 Tecra M9-1BU
Tecra M9-1BV Tecra M9L-101 Tecra M9L-12C
Tecra M9L-12K Tecra M9L-12T Tecra M9-S5512X
Tecra M9-S5513 Tecra M9-S5513X Tecra M9-S5514
Tecra M9-S5514X Tecra M9-S5515 Tecra M9-S5515X
Tecra M9-S5516X Tecra M9-S5517X Tecra M9-S5518X
Tecra M9 Series Tecra M9-ST5511 Tecra M9-ST5511X
Tecra P10 Tecra P5 Tecra S10-101
Tecra S10-102 Tecra S10-109 Tecra S10-10A
Tecra S10-11D Tecra S10-11G Tecra S10-11H
Tecra S10-11I Tecra S10-11J Tecra S10-11R
Tecra S10-12Z Tecra S10-130 Tecra S10-14F
Tecra S10-14X Tecra S10-169 Tecra S3
Tecra S3-118 Tecra S3-120 Tecra S3-126
Tecra S3-129 Tecra S3-130 Tecra S3-140
Tecra S3-141 Tecra S3-142 Tecra S3-161
Tecra S3-208 Tecra S3-223 Tecra S3-242
Tecra S3-366 Tecra S3-S411TD Tecra S3 Series
Tecra S4 Tecra S4-105 Tecra S4-10M
Tecra S4-10N Tecra S4-11T Tecra S4-120
Tecra S4-126 Tecra S4-127 Tecra S4-132
Tecra S4-133 Tecra S4 Series Tecra S5
Tecra S5-10X Tecra S5-11K Tecra S5-11S
Tecra S5-124 Tecra S5-130 Tecra S5-136
Tecra S5-13D Tecra S5-13N Tecra S5-14R
Tecra S5-15K Tecra S5 Series

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Tel: 510-226-0701



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