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6600mAh ,14.8V ,HP Laptop Battery

Li-ion, 6600mAh, 14.8V, 150.65 x 116.60 x 21.10mm, Black, High Quality Laptop Battery Replacement for HP 346970-001, 350836-001, 371913-001, PP2100, PP2200,

Manufacturer -
Model # - 374762-001
Submitted By - (Wholesaler, Marketer)
Country - England
Category - Laptop Battery : Hp Battery : 374762-001

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Battery Type :   Li-ion
Capacity :   6600mAh
Voltage :   14.8V
Dimensions :   150.65 x 116.60 x 21.10mm
color :   color


Firstly, we produce substitute 346970-001, 350836-001, 371913-001, PP2100, PP2200, PP2210 laptop battery adopt the "environmental protection intelligent chip control" technology, make the battery energy more energetic, the time that can be used longer, the stability higher. It don't have memory effect, supporting fast charging, if use repeatedly life can be more abiding. Independent research and environmental intelligent control IC, 72 hours' anti-aging experiment , ensure each battery is safe and reliable. Pc bulletproof glue shell combines precision ultrasonic welding technology, aseismatic fight damage anti-aging, is easy to use more durable. All products guarantee three months' replacement and one year free repair.And let you buy them without being worried and use them with comfort. Our perfect after-sale service management team will left your extra worries in product warranty link.

We produce alternative 346970-001, 350836-001, 371913-001, PP2100, PP2200, PP2210 laptop batteries use the advanced technology to ensure their quality and safety. Each lithium battery is conducted by PCM which offer:
1, over charging protection;
2, over discharging protection;
3, over current protection;
4, temperature protection;
5, short circuit protection.

Secondly, the suitable models of this kind of laptop batteries describe as follows

This Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:

* HP:
o 346970-001
o 350836-001
o 371913-001
o 371914-001
o 378858-001
o 378859-001
o 383965-001
o 383968-001
o DP390A
o DP399A
o 346971-001
o 371915-001
o 371916-001
o 374762-001
o 380443-001
o 383963-001
o 383966-001
o EG416AA

This Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models:

o PP2100
o PP2200
o PP2210
o Presario R3000-DG446AV
o Presario R3000-DG448AV
o Presario R3000-DG449AV
o Presario R3000-DT850AV
o Presario R3000-DU903AV
o Presario R3000-DU904AV
o Presario R3000-DV272AV
o Presario R3000AP
o Presario R3000AP(DV799#ABS)
o Presario R3000T-DG447AV
o Presario R3000T-DL273AV
o Presario R3000T-DP218AV
o Presario R3000Z-DP341AV
o Presario R3000Z-DP533AV
o Presario R3000Z-DP740AV
o Presario R3000Z-DW370AV
o Presario R3000Z-PN304AV
o Presario R3000Z-PN305AV
o Presario R3001-DV191AT
o Presario R3001AP-DV799P
o Presario R3001US-DS511U
o Presario R3001US-DS511UR
o Presario R3002-DV192AT
o Presario R3002AP-DV800P
o Presario R3003AP-DV801P
o Presario R3003US-DV561AT
o Presario R3003US-DZ337U
o Presario R3003US-DZ337UR
o Presario R3004AP-DV802P
o Presario R3004US-DV562AT
o Presario R3004US-DZ358U
o Presario R3004US-DZ358UR
o Presario R3005AP-DV803P
o Presario R3005US-DV563AT
o Presario R3006AP-DV804P
o Presario R3007AP-DV805P
o Presario R3008AP-DV806P
o Presario R3009AP-DV807PA
o Presario R3010AP-DV189A
o Presario R3010EA-DV190A
o Presario R3011AP-DV808PA
o Presario R3012AP-DV809P
o Presario R3013AP-DV810P
o Presario R3014AP-DV811P
o Presario R3015AP-DV812PA
o Presario R3016AP-DV813P
o Presario R3017AP-DV814P
o Presario R3018AP-DV815P
o Presario R3019AP-DV816PA
o Presario R3021AP-DV818PA
o Presario R3022AP-DV819PA

o Presario R3056RS-DS515U
o Presario R3056RS-DS515UR
o Presario R3060CA-DS486U
o Presario R3060CA-DS486UR
o Presario R3060EA-DS428E
o Presario R3060EA-DV560AA
o Presario R3060US-DS516U

Thirdly,what are the advantages of our alternative 346970-001, 350836-001, 371913-001, PP2100, PP2200, PP2210 laptop batteries?
1: We produce alternative 346970-001, 350836-001, 371913-001, PP2100, PP2200, PP2210 laptop batteries have CE certification and global UN38.3 air transport safety certification, arriving a piece of environmental quality of batteries at your hands .
2: Our company has many years experience in this industry, having the high-tech production equipment,and the workers have mastered mature battery technology. With the factory's strict management, each piece of battery production process executes international quality system standard, each product goes through the strict quality inspection. Each piece of battery goes out of the factory all should more then 3 times aging products to ensure product quality.
3: we produce alternative 346970-001, 350836-001, 371913-001, PP2100, PP2200, PP2210 laptop batteries adopts A grade brand-new quality core, capacity is enough, stable performance. Circuit design adopts the most advanced battery "TI" scheme and compare to many core group products on the market by now, the life and the standby time of our products are longer.

Fourth, we would like to give you a few tips to the battery buyers :
1, New batteries used for the first time, please make sure all the electricity is consumed, and then keep the machine closed and charging about 12 hours to fully activate lithium ion to reach its maximum capacity, doing like this three times can help.
2, Each lithium battery can charge more than 300 times. If external power supply is used for a long time, please get the battery removed. This not only can helps laptops cool off, but also can increase battery durability. Don't always insert or pull out of the power with batteries, this is the easiest way to harm laptops and batteries.
3, If the batteries haven't been used for a long time, please take good care of them. Pay attention to the environment temperature and humidity, please don't put them at wet places and keep ventilated. Batteries must be kept having electricity and charge and discharge once every other month, better keep at about 50%.
4, Battery using time must be linked to the laptops' CPU processor speed, application, the screen brightness, wireless expansion port and batteries life and such factors like that. So the battery actual using time may be different from the same type batteries.
5. Decided by the physical characteristics of the batteries, batteries are a kind of consumables, it will be affected by the times they are used, the users' habit, the environmental temperature when they are used and so on,then gradually reduce its using time.
6, In order to protect the environment. We suggest every customer handle the old battery has failure properly, do not discard!


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