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New Dimmable KEY K3 Aquarium LED Lighting For Saltwater,Sun,Moon simulation releases Microcomputer control New Dimmable KEY /K3 Aquarium LED Lighting For Saltwater (built-in Sun & Moon simulation, RGB-P light, Silver Version).

Manufacturer - Aquashoponline
Model # - K3-78-48-D-TC
Submitted By - (Producer, Distributor)
Country - Hong Kong
Category - LED Light : Aquarium LED Light : Saltwater LED Light

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Control :   Dimming control
Tank :   Saltwater
moonlight :   RGB-P light
RGB :   remote control


The Third Generation of KEY K3 Aquarium LED Light uses the BRIDGELUX and CREE LED lamps (two options), mainly designed for home users. The design concepts are energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, beautiful and having long service life.

Differences between the CREE and Bridgelux CHIP Models:

• CREE CHIP is better output performance than any other LED CHIPS.(For more CREE CHIP info. please check here HERE)

• CREE CHIP is 20-35% brighter than other LED solutions

• CREE CHIP has long life hours than other LED Solutons.

• Bridgelux CHIP is also a famous LED Solution from USA

Differences between the K3 and K2 Models:

• K3-T series has new design timer control for light groups

• K3 has new design on layout and outlook

• K3 has been enhanged temperature, programme and power supply controls

• K3 has wider size for most of tanks.

The features of KEY Aquarium LED Light K3-T series:

• New Control Systems.

New KEY Aquarium Light is included the following control systems:

A. Group-timing-control system - All the blue lights, white lights, luminous lights are controlled by the chip, switching on or off according to the set time;

B. RGB-P true-color remote-control auxiliary lighting system (Only for K3-7848-T-TC) - The auxiliary lights consist of red, green and blue color chips, alternating with purple and blue beads (410nm). They can provide the greatest degree of spectrum for the aquatic creators; With the special chips controlling the RGB -P lights, dozens of colors can be set and the true color of the fish, coral, green plants can be presented, completely change the traditional lights lighting effects;

• Excellent lighting effects.

The design 60° refector to provide maximum light inside the aquarium; Using mirror reflection principle, so that no light scatters to outside of tank; Ultra -thin plastic baffle to prevent water from spilling, and at the same time ensure no light scattering to the outside.

• Single bead is High Power 3W.

3W-chip bead is used for main lighting, so more worry about high temperature, or hurting other surrounded LED beads. No hurt on human eyes. We have done more researches which higher wattage (> 10W LED) can hurt light panel and surrounded LED beads duo to high temperature.

• International Voltage.

Input Voltage supports 110-240V power supply

• Warranty.

12 monthes warranty


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