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The Scorpion's Sting: A Magdalena LaSige Novel

Suspense novel launched 1/4/2011 to incredible reviews. This book is flying off shelves and for good reason. Read the reviews, see the national ad and meet the author who is touring by checking out

Manufacturer - Tate Publishing and Enterprises, Inc.
Model # - ISBN 13: 9781616636524
SKU - 978-1-61663-652-4NS
Submitted By - Author J.D. Masterson (Marketer)
Country - United States
Category - TV And Publications : Book

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Fiction Novel :   400 pages
Paperback :   400 pages
Signs and Symbols :   Colored artwork and clues
National ad :   Commercial
Bestseller :   New Release


1/4/2011 - Nationwide release of “The Scorpion’s Sting,” the riveting first installment in Vermont author J.D. Masterson’s new series, the Magdalena LaSige Novels.
The book introduces readers to Dr. Magdalena LaSige, a thirty-three-year-old criminal archepsychologist, who throws herself headfirst into finding a kidnapped Carmelite nun—the sister of her former professor, the handsome and wealthy Dr. Peter Janus. She is given ancient pictures and symbols sent from the kidnappers, clues in an archetypal trail of deceit.
The Pyramids of Giza, DNA codes, constellations, medicine, money—these symbols, stories, and legends all combine to challenge everything Magdalena has taken for granted as truth. And the truth seems to be the last thing Dr. Janus wants to discuss. Painfully aware of her limitations, Magdalena uncovers religious, medical, and governmental lies while racing against time. Readers learn if she’ll solve the mystery, or if the truth behind the deceptions will leave Magdalena paralyzed by the scorpion's sting in this captivating new story.
Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting, or This is also an eLIVE title, meaning each book contains a code redeemable for a free audio book version from
Masterson is a Ph.D hematology/oncology child psychologist. After working with terminally ill children and their families, J.D. left the psychology profession due to the control of managed care vs. patient care and became a financial advisor, then later a vice president of a leading Northeastern bank. The author's eyes were forced open upon observing atrocities involving large conglomerate falsities. Magdalena's stories expose them so readers can learn the truth.
The reviews are outstanding and people, including Roman Catholic Nuns are reading this book 2-3 times over so they don't miss anything. The author is on National Tour, has an incredible radio voice, personal presence and is an excellent seasoned interviewer, lecturer with a great sense of humor and timing.

To dismiss The Scorpion's Sting as being the result of too much late night T.V. would be way too convenient. (Not to mention predictable.) The passion of Magdalena LaSige's inner monologues and occasional outbursts toward other prominent characters demonstrates the compelling seriousness of Dr. Masterson in her attempt to educate the masses concerning some of the evils being perpetrated upon us. Even so, or perhaps because of Dr. Masterson's own passion for the underlying themes in The Scorpion's Sting, the reader is taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions that spans two continents. How are DNA codes, the Pyramids of Giza, astrology, astronomy, the Bible, money, politics, power, and pharmaceutical companies all connected? Is our nation, not to mention the world, really governed by a few of the richest of the rich?

And there's so much more to be uncovered in this fascinating tour de force by Dr. Masterson. Her alter ego is Dr. Magdalena LaSige, a brilliant, beautiful but jaded archepsychologist who is brought in to find a kidnapped Carmelite nun, the sister of the ultra rich Dr. Peter Janus, one of LaSige's former professor's. Mysterious deaths, a house of secrets, symbols, hidden treasures and clues that one just plain never noticed before leaves the reader wondering what is real and who really can be trusted. If Dan Brown's novels leave one wishing they could be true, The Scorpion's Sting leaves one hoping that it's not. The case is quite compelling, however. It truly forces one to think and for that I, for one, am grateful.

Tell yourself it's fiction. Then you might be able to sleep.

When your missing persons case entwines with ancient mysteries, you know your in for a rough test. "The Scorpion's Sting" is an exciting spin into mystery and intrigue as Dr. Magdalena LaSige, criminal archepsychologist finds herself in the pursuit of her professor's sister who has been dragged into a plot that involves history, faith, and pharmaceutical conspiracy. A riveting novel with many layers, "The Scorpion's Sting" is a fascinating and very highly recommended read, not to be missed.
From Buhle's Bookshelf
Willis M. Buhle


Welcome to the world of fiction Dr. Magdalena LaSige. She is found in The Scorpion’s Sting bouncing from career choice to career choice, and moments of extreme wealth and pleasure to poverty and despair. Well educated and smart, modest and kind, humble and bull-headed, Lasige is a woman of contradictions and a very interesting character.

In the first of what Masterson promises to be a series of books involving Magdalena Lasige, the unlikely hero finds herself drawn back into the world of wealth and power that she once thought she loved and hated at the same time. Called back by a former college professor she admires Lasige is asked to take part in a mystery of a missing nun. Her acceptance of this invitation leads Lasige down a path of intrigue, danger, and conviction that she enjoys and bemoans at the same time.

Filled with almost every conspiracy theory one can think of, J.D. Masterson’s new book is one that will make the reader think if nothing else. Are the elite rich of the United States running a shadow government? Are vaccines cloaked as good for our future actually killing more than they are saving? Are the religious of the world to be trusted or is there something to this whole Catholic v. Protestant idea? These are just a few of the questions asked in Masterson’s fictitious novel.

Masterson challenges the reader to think about the things he is saying and will cause one to think outside of their normal beliefs as they read this book. Who and what in this world can we really trust? Are the answers to many of the questions we have about the universe, God, and historical mysteries hidden in plain sight? Masterson will make you want to investigate some of what he believes.

While I cannot endorse everything that Masterson quietly presents as truths about the universe our God has created in this book, I will say that if read with the remembrance that this book is fiction, one could find great enjoyment in this book and perhaps have their understanding of how the world works expanded.

Two things really stood out in this book as marks of excellence. First, Masterson prefaced each chapter with a quote or piece of scripture that drives the ideas presented in the chapter the quote prefaces. This was a wonderful touch and prepared the reader for what lies ahead.

The second outstanding achievement that J.D. Masterson accomplishes in this book is found about half way through the book. A very unconventional conversion from Catholic (a nun no less) to Protestant Christian takes place. This piece of writing is one that will stand out for this reader for quite some time. I can think of no better strategy for such a conversion than what Masterson presents to the reader.

Once again, with the disclaimer of REMEMBER, THIS IS FICTION, placed upon this book, I would recommend this book. Please help Masterson, a person who seems to be interested in the truth, by considering purchasing The Scorpion’s Sting.

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