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Sudspenser Liquid Detergent Dispenser

The laundry accessory washer manufacturers forgot. Throw away messy/slimy detergent bottles - the Sudspenser dispenses the recommended amount of detergent every time with the push of a button. No more straining to see marks on caps. Made in America.

Manufacturer - Innovative Dispensing Solutions, LLC
Model # - SUDS-1
Submitted By - Innovative Dispensing Systems (Manufacturer, Retailer)
Country - United States
Category - Home : Washing Machine : Laundry Aid

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Detergent Capacity :   1.25 gallons
Reservoir capacity :   14" x 5" 6"
Normal Washloads :   100
Price :   $59.95
Battery life (est.) :   More than one year


FINALLY - a way to make doing laundry fun again!

The Sudspenser is a new, exciting product that eliminates the need to handle those bulky, slimy detergent bottles. The unit is loaded with a host of features guaranteed to please anyone who does laundry. The compact, low profile, clear plastic reservoir holds enough detergent for over 100 washes and the easy-to-use hand wand dispenses the precise amount required for a normal wash load – no more trying to decipher laundry detergent bottle cap markings.

For use with top or horizontal load washing machines, just press the trigger on the wand and Sudspenser does the rest. The unit cannot overfill which has been proven to waste money, make clothes stiff and bacteria friendly, and even cause your washer to wear prematurely. The Sudspenser helps you make less impact on the environment by reliably minimizing detergent use.

Sudspenser is designed to function with the 2X liquid laundry detergents but may be used with the older conventional types by following the simple provided instructions.

The Sudspenser system is a washday friend to everyone especially those with physical impairments who cannot lift heavy containers or see close-up. They will really appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of the Sudspenser system to help them stay independent and functional.

This is the product washer manufacturers forgot and detergent manufacturers are afraid you will discover. The Sudspenser watches out for you and removes your need to pay attention to detergent fill amounts. By precisely measuring the fill level, the unit is constantly helping the environment by keeping excessive detergent from our waterways.

The unit is also available with a double capacity reservoir and with an extended filler hose so the reservoir can be hidden in the lower drawer of a front loader pedestal.

Contact the manufacturer at (315) 638-5077


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