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X-Ray 100 Gaming Desktop PC

X-Ray100 is included in a new line of PC's that feature: *High Performance Gaming *Perform Resource Intensive Applications *3D Blue Ray Compatibility *HDTV compatibility *Super Fast music video and media converting *High-end Video Cards

Manufacturer - AGC Computers
Model # - XR100
SKU - X000100
Submitted By - AGC Computers (Manufacturer, Wholesaler)
Country - United States
Category - Computers : Computer : Desktop

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CPU :   AMD Athlon II x3 2.7GHz Triple Core
Video Card :   nVidia Geforce GTX 460 768MB Overclocked
Hard Drive :   500GB SATA by Seagate
Memory :   4 GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM
Optical Drive :   CD/DVD 24x Combo Drive
Warranty :   1 Year Limited Warranty + LIFETIME Customer Support
Multi Screen Gaming :   Compatible
HDTV :   Compatible
3D Vision :   Compatible
3D Blue Ray :   Compatible



X-Ray 100 is the heart beat to all entertainment pleasures. This gaming computer not only games but its productive, reliable, trendy, and wicked fast. The X-Ray comes standard with Windows 7 Professional, a triple core processor, and high end graphics card - All you need to enjoy anything you could imagine.

CPU Power

The Athlon II x3 TRIPLE CORE processor delivers high performance from the most modern technologies from AMD. Clocking in at 2.7GHz, the CPU flies through multiple applications as well as great performance on intensive applications such as 3D gaming.

* With next-generation processor technology you can enjoy superior application performance
* Do more in less time and take advantage of true multi-core performance and true multitasking capability
* Windows® 7 is optimized for AMD Athlon™ II processors, enabling a fast and responsive PC
* Convert music, HD video, and other media fast
* Save energy, get the most out of your budget, and help reduce heat and noise to reduce the environmental impact of your PC

High-End Graphics

AGC does not settle with mid and low level graphic cards to meet lower price points. Every model comes with a power video card to ensure top level gaming playability. The X-Ray 100 is not different being powered by the nVidia GTX 460 GPU.

* 3D Blue Ray compatible
* HDTV (hdmi) Ready
* 3D Vision Support
* PhysX
* Core Clock - 715MHz - overclocked to 790MHz
* GDDR5 RAM - 768MB
* Memory Clock - 3600MHz - overclocked to 4000MHz
* Shader Clock - 1430MHz - overclocked to 1640MHz
* Max Resolution 2560 x 1600
* 1x HDMI
* 2x DVI
* 1x Mini Display Port
* Crysis Performance: High (gamer) 1680X1050 - 27 to 35 FPS

Microsoft's Windows 7 Professional

Nowadays, fast-developing communication and information technologies trigger an explosion of data on a scale millions of times larger year-to-year, yet your effort and strain on data management also rises. So you might need to find ways to make your computer both more powerful and easier to use. That is what Microsoft's new Windows 7 Operating System was designed to do.

Windows 7 has better ways to find and manage files—like Jump Lists and improved taskbar previews—to help you speed through everyday tasks. It's designed for faster and more reliable performance, so your PC just works the way you want it to. With 64-bit support, you can take full advantage of the latest, most powerful processors. Great features like HomeGroup, Windows Media Center, and Windows Touch make new things possible.


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