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Portable Farms Aquaponics Systems

Portable Farms Aquaponics System are designed for growing fish and a variety of produce year round, year round for local farmers markets, restaurants, resort hotels, food stores, schools, and other target markets.

Manufacturer - Portable Farms
Model # - PFM03
Submitted By - Portable Farms (Developer, Owner)
Country - United States
Category - Business Opportunity : Aquapnics System : Organic Fish Farm

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Technology License :   $70,000 per territory
10,000 sq foot farm :   60,000 vegetables and 23,000 pounds of fish per yea
20 x 30 sq foot farm :   3,600 vegetables and 1,400 pounds of fish per year
10 x 20 sq foot farm :   1,100 vegetbles and 400 pounds of fish per year
10 x 12 sq foot farm :   500 vegetables and 200 pounds of fish per year


Portable Farms Aquaponics System are designed for growing fish and a variety of produce year round, year round for local farmers markets, restaurants, resort hotels, food stores, schools, and other target markets.

The Portable Farms(TM) Aquaponics System (PFAS) Technology License (TL) is a non-exclusive, non-assignable and non-sublicensable (except as expressly permitted) intellectual property license granting full and unlimited usage of the technology within an assigned territory. The license is based on an agreed-upon defined territory between Colle Davis at Portable Farms and License Holder, and is a Perpetual License.

The PFAS TL is purchased for a defined territory. Each territory requires a separate PFAS TL. A territory can be as large as a country or as small as a city or county/province. The License Holder and Portable Farms will agree on the extent of the territory and include a full description in the Licensing Agreement document.

Once the PFAS TL is granted for a territory, any and all leads and contacts directed to Colle Davis at Portable Farms for information or purchase from potential buyers within that territory will be forwarded directly to the License Holder. This service will continue as long as the PFAS TL remains in effect.

* The PFAS Technology License (TL) provides a system for growing fish and a variety of produce year round, year after year for local farmers markets, restaurants, resort hotels, food stores, schools, and other target markets.
* If the License Holder chooses to grow high demand specialty items, such as basil, the ROI can be as short as two years. A more reasonable expectation is a four to five year ROI.
* Large commercial operations require one full-time employee per 1,000 m2 of enclosed space. For each 4,000 m2 of enclosed space, an extra full-time person will be required to help with the fish and plant harvesting. All of these workers can be semi-skilled and paid local wages. There are NO special skills required to operate any facet of the PFAS.
* The skills necessary to construct and operate a PFAS can be taught to competent local craftsmen and a comprehensive Operations Manual is included in the Technology License.
* As part of the PFAS TL, Portable Farms will train the first installers at the license holder’s expense, at a suitable location within the territory.
* Further support is available through email and phone contact. If additional onsite consulting is required, License Holder will pay fees involved, plus travel and lodging expenses.

The PFAS training and installation of the first unit incorporates the use of locally available building materials for the construction to keep costs as low as possible. Translators are to be supplied by the License Holder if needed.

The Portable Farms Aquaponics Technology Licensing Fee is based upon an agreed-to territory and is purchased as a Perpetual License. This fee structure is very similar to how computer software is licensed. The PFAS TL has very carefully defined End User Licensing Agreements. The License Holder is eligible for all updates and upgrades to the PFAS and improvements to the underlying PFAS technology, and these automatically become part of the license. With the Perpetual License there is a charge for ongoing consulting and training if required.

There are no further fees or costs incurred to the License Holder other than the fees set forth above. There are no requirements for License Holders to purchase components, raw materials, fish or seeds, consulting or manufacturing services from Portable Farms once the PFAS TL is granted and in full force and effect. License Holders are free to source building materials within their territory, make improvements or modifications as appropriate, and build an unlimited number of PFAS units, subject to continued adherence to the conditions contained in the PFAS TL. From time to time, Portable Farms may make available products and services that may be of value to the License Holder outside the scope of the PFAS TL, but the License Holder is not required under the terms of the PFAS TL to purchase said products or services from Colle Davis at Portable Farms.

Organic Aquaponic’s System Licensed in Botswana, Africa

Portable Farms announces the licensing and construction of the first commercial Portable Farms™ Aquaponics System in Africa. This installation is located in Botswana, Africa, and is expected to be completed and in service in late March 2011. Portable Farms provided the technology, construction and engineering expertise to assist in building and installing the initial components in December 2010.

10,000 sq ft Portable Farms(TM) Aquaponics System in Botswana, Africa
The License Holder, the owner of a major construction company with thirty years of experience, had been searching for 2½ years for the perfect aquaponics system to bring to his country. His company recently completed the largest fish hatchery in Southern Africa. After extensive research, he approached Colle Davis, inventor of Portable Farms™ Aquaponics Systems, with the request to become the premier License Holder for Portable Farms™ technology in Botswana, Africa. The License Holder is quoted as saying, “After studying various aquaponics systems throughout the world and attending several trainings, I chose Portable Farms™ because of three key features: One, the systems don’t require constant monitoring and cleaning, and two, they can be operated by semi-skilled labor, and three, they focus on sustainability.”

The initial crops chosen by the license holder based on local demand are tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and herbs. The 10,000 sq ft (1,000 m2) Portable Farm™ currently being completed in Botswana produces 60,000 vegetables and 21,000 pounds (9,000 kg) of tilapia fish, per year to be sold locally.
The Technology License was assigned for the entire country of Botswana to fulfill his company’s plans to sell fish and vegetables to local markets near each installation. He anticipates direct government involvement for the wide-spread installation of Portable Farms™ in Botswana because of the country’s need for fresh food.

The Botswana project includes a visitor’s center, three 10,000 sq ft Portable Farms™ Aquaponics System units, a fish processing center, a farmers market, and upgraded utilities for the area.

Portable Farms continues to incorporate new and improved technology designed to reduce construction costs and improve productivity of their Portable Farms™ Aquaponics Systems. They have received interest from 34 countries and 11 US States and Canada regarding the use of their Technology Licensing.

Colle Davis, Inventor, Portable Farms


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