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Ultimate Portable Software Suite for Windows 7, XP, Vista

A trully portable software suite to use on your flash drive, memory card, or in a hard drive folder. Now you can have the software you need anywhere.

Manufacturer - ilovepetras
Submitted By - ilovepetras Advanced Software Solutions (Manufacturer, Retailer)
Country - United States
Category - Software : Universal Software

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Windows 7 Comp :   Yes
Windows XP Comp :   yes
shipping weight :   3oz
Any windows PC :   yes


What is the Ultimate Portable Software ?
It is a trully portable software suite which includes a complete Office suite, Games and Entertainment, Google Chrome, firefox, and a whole suite of internet tools including Skype, Email, and universal chat client for yahoo, google, msn, facebook and many more services. It includes a complete Admin suite to revive any poorly runing Windows PC and other system tools to keep it running smooth. The contents of the entire suite are built into a single folder so that they can be put on any flash drive, memory card, or a sub folder on your hard drive. Using the easy CD Based Installer, simply enter where to install (what drive letter or hard drive folder) and the rest is automatic. You will need atleast 1GB of space regardless of where you decide to install it. Even use it on multiple flash drives, memory cards or your work computer. Always have the stuff you need!

Imagine a Device being so useful that you would want to take it everywhere. Such a device does exist and more than likely you Own One. What you Ask? Your favorite memory card, flash device, or hard drive. next, use the easy cd installer to setup your device, then plug into any Windows computer and the Ultimate portable software comes to life, enhancing any computer. the Ultimate portable software brings all the software you will need to do most things and easily update or add new programs for free whenever. add your favorite data and your ready to go.

"A Must Have For Every Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, and XP User"

"An Excellent Gift Idea for Anyone with a Computer and Setup is a breeze with our Easy CD Based installation!"

The Ultimate portable software Is a Comprehensive Suite For Everyone:
A complete Virtual Computer System on your favorite flash drive, memory card, or hard drive folder. Even use extra space on your camera or your phone's memory card without conflict, we've tested!

Requires Less than 1GB of space

Plug into any Windows computer and access a complete pre installed suite of software, Administrative tools, popular utilities, games, CD/DVD burning and so much more

Access your favorite software on your restricted work computer without leaving a trace, check all your email in one program

Add your own media to use on any computer you wish (will require additional space above 1GB)

Complete System Backup and Restore Utility to keep your data safe

Easy Password Management Software so you wont forget

Includes full suite of PC Repair Tools to get any computer back up to speed

Fully licensed to you with Free future upgrades

Quick Access System gets you to the things you want most

Fully customizable skins and themes

And So Easy To Setup, comes on Professional CD!

Install to MMC, SD, compact flash, Memory stick, external hard drive, folder, or any other media you wish

Productivity, Business, Internet Apps
The Ultimate Portable Software has it all including a full productivity suite just like Microsoft Office, Your favorite Web Browsers, Universal Chat Client, E-mail and Calendar, design and system tools, and so much more.

Entertainment and Games Galore
Our preloaded entertainment suite includes everything you need to play any media. Plus, the QAS (Quick Access System) has direct shortcuts to music, videos, and photos. The video player can play any format, so there wont be any surprises when you go to play your friend's latest video. Feeling like playing a game, the Ultimate Portable Software includes AssaultCube First person shooter and a great real-time-strategy game in addition to several arcade style games. Get your favorite pair of headphones and you've got guaranteed fun on any computer!


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