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Truffle "Chocolate" Merlot

Truffle Merlot is infused with rich dark cocoa. From Monterey California. 100% natural extract, infused with dark chocolate.

Manufacturer - Maverick Wine Group
Model # - TRUF-089
Submitted By - maverick Wine Group (Manufacturer, Producer)
Country - United States
Category - Food : Wine : Chocolate Merlot

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Dark Cocoa :   4
100% natural extract :   5
Merlot :   2
Monterey California :   3
Chocolate Wine :   1


Truffle Merlot from Montery California is infused with rich dark cocoa. 100% natural extract. Produced by Maverick Wine Group of Santa Maria, California.
The only all-natural dark chocolate merlot on the market. Not artificially flavored. 100% pure cocoa distillate, which is the purest form of dark cocoa extract. Truffle Merlot has a Natural Certification pursuant the Code of Federal Regulations from Food & Drug Administration. No artificial flavor, ingredients or filler.
Truffle Merlot has a proprietary formula approved by the TTB and formulation division to support (COLA) Certificate of Label Approval. Label approval exceeded 8 months to obtain a specific varietal and appellation without being classified a “flavored wine”.
13.5% Alcohol by volume; 4.9 residual sugars unlike other chocolate wines with 7-8 grams of residual sugars. Classic Merlots typically range 2-3 grams of residual sugars. The pallet for Truffle Merlot is a well structured soft and harmonious merlot with sweet tannins. Finishes smooth with taste of dark cocoa. The nose has a strong bouquet of dark chocolate and is as appealing as the taste.
Demographics for Truffle Merlot are prime and ready. Statistically all wine studies show that 80% or more of all wine purchases are made by? WOMEN! And 98% of ALL Women and strong percentage of men either LIKE, LOVE or ADDICTED to chocolate.
Chocolate creates warming sensations to the sensor’s that mimic the feeling of euphoria or “LOVE”. Chocolate is a comfort food as is Red Wine. The combination is tempting and seductive year round, especially marketable during Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Easter and Holidays.
Both Red Wine and Dark Cocoa have added health benefits.
Truffle Merlot is a palatable Red Wine for the novice drinker to the most sophisticated. Its semi-sweet tannins make Truffle Merlot ideal with any meat dish, spicy food or chocolate desserts. Consumers will appreciate the perfect balance of cocoa and residual sugar.

Get in the mouths of the buyer and/or consumers. Once they taste and smell the bouquet they will love it! This is best achieved with in-store tastings and on-premise placements. Incentives are in place to support tastings and on-site placements.
Women LOVE Chocolate and WINE! When properly combined, the results can be astonishing. For example…. Chocovine, also known as “poor man’s Baileys”, the watered down chocolate milk flavored “wine” has now reached 50,000 cases a month in sales, in less than two years. WHY??? Because people like chocolate and when combined with wine, the results are beyond belief.
Truffle Merlot is real wine, all natural, attractive packaging, priced right and taste good. Currently there is no completion in this category.

International Award Wining WIne


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