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Gateway NX860XL Keyboard Black US Wholesale

Color: Matta Black Status: Genuine and new! Full 6 months warranty! Remark: Ribbon cable included.

Manufacturer - Gateway
Model # - NX860XL
SKU - 98-08200-015
Submitted By - feevoo co. (Reseller, Reseller)
Country - United States
Category - Accessories : Laptop Accessories : Laptop Keyboard

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Color :   Matta Black
Status :   Genuine and new!
Package Dimensions :   417.0x160.0x16.0
Weight :   0.61 lb
Service :   Brand New,Full 12 Months Warranty


Color: Matta Black

Status: Genuine and new!

Full 6 months warranty!

Remark: Ribbon cable included.

Cleaning A Gateway Laptop Keyboard
with the constant use and accumulated dirt, your Gateway NX860XL Keyboard may appear grimy. This may not only affect the look, but its function as well. Before cleaning your Gateway NX860XL Keyboard, make sure that you have turned it off, unplugged it, and removed the battery. This is to prevent any accidents happened.

Use a screw driver to disassemble the Gateway Laptop Keyboard. Do not force it using your hands.. Before removing the keys, draw a map where the keys were placed to avoid confusions when returning back the keys.
Clean the base. Try to clean it with a soft cloth or cotton swabs. Slightly damp the material into water until it reaches moist wet texture. Gently wipe the base using it. After using water, repeat the same procedure using alcohol and cleaning solution.
Degrease the keys. Use any kitchen cleaner or dish washer. Soak the keys in a soap solution for about 3-5 minutes. Then, brush the keys one by one. Be sure that you brush the inner part of the keys. Rinse and let it dry.
Remove dirt from rubber components. Use the same procedure on degreasing the keys. But be more careful on handling them. Unlike the keys, rubber components are smaller and lighter.
Apply lubricant on the Gateway Laptop Keyboard and its keys. Using cotton swab, gently apply it on the components. Avoid overdoing the application. Be sure that you do this procedure from all corners of the keys. After, let it dry.
Reassemble the Gateway NX860XL Keyboard. Reverse the first procedure. Make sure to place the keys to its proper location. Use the map you made. If everything works well, screw it safely.

It is impossible to keep your Gateway NX860XL Keyboard clean forever, but we could clean it often.


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