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Wholesale Iron Samurai LED Watch with Red LED by Dropship Supplier NearbyExpress

The Iron Samurai, a lava red LED Watch from Nearby Express, a professional wholesale Dropship Supplier from China, gives its wearer cool omnipotence by rewriting the rules of how temporal data (time) should be displayed.

Manufacturer - China wholesale Dropship Supplier Nearby Express
Model # - 31-12000-001
SKU - 31-12000-001
Submitted By - NearbyExpress (Wholesaler, Distributor)
Country - China
Category - Watches : Led Watch : Watches

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Name :   Iron Samurai LED Watch
Material :   Samurai sword carbonized steel folded 1000x over
Length :   ~ 180 mm with 18 segments for wrist adjustment
Power :   CR2016 (x1) pre-installed
Color :   Camouflage Steel (Onyx)
Clasp :   Exclusive fold over lock design
Settings :   Time, Date, Year


Introducing The Iron Samurai, a lava red LED Watch which gives its wearer cool omnipotence by rewriting the rules of how temporal data (time) should be displayed.

You mean this watch not only looks great, but it really tells the time using LED’s? Yes it does!! Even though The Iron Samurai embodies Tokugawan style and Shogunate design with its lava red numerals encased in stark samurai sword steel, this LED Watch does in fact tell the time and does so really efficiently too!

When you start wearing this watch, you may find yourself spending all your time just showing friends and strangers how new LED Watch works. Yes, the Iron Samurai has been known to increase its wearers' popularity, strength, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma by as much as 20 points each! David Beckham, LeBron James, and Angelina Jolie are said to be Iron Samurai owners. In reality, the best person to wear this watch will be you! With this Hootoo Edition of the famous Iron Samurai, you will quickly find that your Facebook and LinkedIn connections grow to 100000 and you are pulling numbers from every hottie you meet in the club or on the street.

You may be thinking, can a cool LED Watch really be so cheap? Don’t the famous Tokyo Flash electronic watches sell for $200? Yes, that is true. But when you source from Nearby Express, you will find that our low factory-direct price make it so that you can source the latest china electronics at true wholesale savings. This means you can stock these for your online webshop, retail store, or even just buy it as a gift and spend less than you did for dinner last night! The Iron Samurai LED Watch, Hootoo Edition, is brought to you exclusively by the leader in direct from China wholesale electronics –!

At a Glance...

* Wholesale LED Watch, Iron Samurai (Hootoo Edition)
* Crimson Red LED's
* Time and Date functions
* Normally sells for around 200 USD!
* Cool Factor = 10+

Manufacturer Specifications

* Product Description: Iron Samurai LED Watch, wholesale priced factory-direct electronic watch
* Display: Top and bottom row LED lights for time and date display
* Bracelet:
- Color: Camouflage Steel (Onyx)
- Material: Samurai sword carbonized steel folded 1000x over
- Length: ~ 180 mm with 18 segments for wrist adjustment
* Clasp: Exclusive fold over lock design
* Function Buttons (right-side):
- Top (hour and date display + select)
- Button (change mode)
* Settings: Time, Date, Year
* Power: CR2016 (x1) pre-installed

Product Notes

Package Contents

* LED Watch
* User Manual - English
* Gift Box

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

* How do I change the time and date on this watch?
Press the lower button on the right side of the watch. This will cause the current setting to blink. Continue pressing the lower button until you arrive at the setting you want to change. Next, press the top button to change the information.
* What type of batteries does this watch use?
This Japanese LED watch uses a single CR2016 watch battery. Other names this type of battery goes by are button cell, silver button cell, or coin cell batteries.
* How long will the batteries last?
The batteries should last longer than with a normal watch since time and date information is only displayed when you want.
* Is this a Tokyo Flash watch?
No, it is better because it costs almost 1/15th the price of a Tokyo Flash watch.
* Why is this watch called The Iron Samurai?
Because while it is illegal to walk around your city with a samurai sword, it is not illegal to wear a watch around town. But how can you wear a watch that embodies the same coolness as a samurai sword? Only by buying and wearing the Iron Samurai my friend.
* I've noticed that depending on the photo, the watch looks different. Also you've listed the bracelet color as "Camouflage Steel (Onyx)". Steel is silver. Onyx is black. Seriously, what color is this watch?
That's a good question. Depending on the ambient light conditions, this watch sometimes looks gun-metal silver. Like Hellsing battling vampire hordes. At other times it looks light silver. Like coins received to betray a savior. Other times it looks almost black or deep Onyx. Like the hearts of men. The reason for The Iron Samurai's elusive countenance is its scratch-resistant electroplated finish. This has resulted in a refractive process which breaks the light which lands on the watch into its component colors and reflects into your eye at different wavelengths. That's why it's so hard to describe the color of this watch. Then again, if it were easy to describe how The Iron Samurai looks, his enemies would be able join forces and defeat him. That ain't gonna happen.

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* If you plan to resell this item on a non-english website, the most common category names for this product are - LED ρολόι, Светодиодные часы, reloj LED, orologio a LED, LED horloge, LED ur, LED Uhr, regarder les LED, LED-uri de ceas, relógio LED, LED seyretmek

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