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4800mAh Battery for TOSHIBA Portege PA3612U-1BAS PABAS175-Silver

Brand New 4800mAh PA3612U-1BAS Laptop Battery for Toshiba Portege R500 R505 Series.30 Days Money Back ,12 months warranty!Welcome to the advisory and bargain.

Manufacturer - Toshiba
Submitted By - (Retailer, Reseller)
Country - China
Category - Laptop Battery : TOSHIBA : Li-ion

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website :
brand :   toshiba
price :   $67.86
model :   PA3612U-1BAS
Capacity :   4800mAh
Voltage :   10.8V
Color :   Silver
Condition :   Replacement & Brand New !
Material :   Lithium-ion
Service & Support :   12 months warranty
Weight :   356g


Products Feature:

Capacity: 4800mAh

Voltage: 10.8V

Material: Lithium-ion

Weight: 356g

Color: Silver

Guarantee:30 Days Money Back !

Service & Support: 12 months warranty

Replacement & Brand New !

Replacement Code:

PA3612U-1BAS, PA3612U-1BRS, PA3614U-1BRP, PABAS103, PABAS175, PABAS176

Fit laptop model:

Toshiba Portege A601,
Toshiba Portege A602,
Toshiba Portege R501,
Toshiba Portege R502

Toshiba Portege R505 Series

Toshiba Dynabook NX Series
Dynabook NX/76GBL, Dynabook NX/76GPK,
Dynabook NX/76GWH, Dynabook NX/76JBL,
Dynabook NX/76JPK, Dynabook NX/76JWH,
Dynabook NX/78GBL, Dynabook NX/78JBL,
Dynabook NX/78JWH, Dynabook NXW/76HBW,
Dynabook NXW/76HPW, Dynabook NXW/78JBW,
Dynabook NXW/78JPW

Toshiba Dynabook SS RX1 Series
Dynabook SS RX1 SA106E/2W,
Dynabook SS RX1 SE120E/2W,
Dynabook SS RX1 TA106E/2W,
Dynabook SS RX1 TE120E/2W,
Dynabook SS RX1/S7A, Dynabook SS RX1/S7E,
Dynabook SS RX1/T7A, Dynabook SS RX1/T7E,
Dynabook SS RX1/T8A, Dynabook SS RX1/T8E,
Dynabook SS RX1/T9A, Dynabook SS RX1/T9E,
Dynabook SS RX1/W7A

Toshiba Dynabook SS RX2 Series
Dynabook SS RX2/E5H, Dynabook SS RX2/E7H,
Dynabook SS RX2/S7G, Dynabook SS RX2/S7H,
Dynabook SS RX2/T7G, Dynabook SS RX2/T7GG,
Dynabook SS RX2/T7H, Dynabook SS RX2/T7HG,
Dynabook SS RX2/T7J, Dynabook SS RX2/T8G,
Dynabook SS RX2/T8GG, Dynabook SS RX2/T8H,
Dynabook SS RX2/T8HG, Dynabook SS RX2/T8J,
Dynabook SS RX2/T8JG, Dynabook SS RX2/T9G,
Dynabook SS RX2/T9GG, Dynabook SS RX2/T9H,
Dynabook SS RX2/T9HG, Dynabook SS RX2/T9J,
Dynabook SS RX2/T9L, Dynabook SS RX2/W7H,
Dynabook SS RX2/W7HG, Dynabook SS RX2/W7J,
Dynabook SS RX2/W9H, Dynabook SS RX2/W9J,
Dynabook SS RX2/WAJ, Dynabook SS RX2RX2L/T5L,
Dynabook SS RX2RX2L/T6L

Toshiba Portege A600 Series
Portege A600-122, Portege A600-12O,
Portege A600-12X, Portege A600-12Y,
Portege A600-132, Portege A600-13X,
Portege A600-13Y, Portege A600-13Z,
Portege A600-142, Portege A600-143,
Portege A600-600, Portege A600-S2201,
Portege A600-ST2230, Portege A600-ST2231,
Portege A600-ST2232, Portege A600-ST4203

Toshiba Portege A605 Series
Portege A605-P200, Portege A605-P201,
Portege A605-P205, Portege A605-P210

Toshiba Portege R500 Series
Portege R500-100, Portege R500-106,
Portege R500-10I, Portege R500-10J,
Portege R500-10K, Portege R500-10M,
Portege R500-10N, Portege R500-10U,
Portege R500-110, Portege R500-11B,
Portege R500-11C, Portege R500-11F,
Portege R500-11H, Portege R500-11I,
Portege R500-11J, Portege R500-11K,
Portege R500-11L, Portege R500-11N,
Portege R500-11T, Portege R500-11X,
Portege R500-11Y, Portege R500-11Z,
Portege R500-121, Portege R500-124,
Portege R500-126, Portege R500-127,
Portege R500-12H, Portege R500-12I,
Portege R500-12J, Portege R500-12N,
Portege R500-12P, Portege R500-12Q,
Portege R500-131, Portege R500-135,
Portege R500-3G11K, Portege R500-3G125,
Portege R500-S5001X, Portege R500-S5002,
Portege R500-S5002X, Portege R500-S5003,
Portege R500-S5004, Portege R500-S5005,
Portege R500-S5006V, Portege R500-S5006X,
Portege R500-S5007V, Portege R500-S5008X,
Portege R500-S8199

Toshiba Portege R600 Series
Portege R600-101, Portege R600-102,
Portege R600-108, Portege R600-10F,
Portege R600-10M, Portege R600-10Q,
Portege R600-10S, Portege R600-11Q,
Portege R600-S4201, Portege R600-S4202,
Portege R600-ST4203, Portege R600-ST520W


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