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The Blueprint Project Black Edition

The Blueprint Project Black Edition are the providers of e-commerce training material to people with or without any experience.

Manufacturer - The Blueprint Project
Model # - Black Edition
Submitted By - The Blueprint Project Black Edition (Publisher)
Country - United States
Category - Business : E-Commerce

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The Blueprint Project Black Edition is the ultimate version of the Niche Blueprint that Steve and Tim had launched sometime back.

While many of you would be familiar with Niche Blueprint and how it helped hundreds of people earn real money online, here is some information for those of you who don’t know or haven’t heard about Niche Blueprint:

Niche Blueprint alone was responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of people beginning to earn money online. And I’m not talking some small change here. These people started earning real incomes online by following the Niche Blueprint course.

The first step that it covers is finding your market. Finding out what you are going to sell. More specifically, this module will help you find markets that have hungry buyers desperate to buy. These people have their credit cards in their hand, they are on the web searching for the product. They just wanna key in their credit card details and buy the damn product!

In a nutshell, this module will hep you identify markets that have buyers with extremely high commercial intent. The Blueprint Project Black Edition has a whole process that walks you through finding these niches and finding how these people are searching. This is a process that has proven itself over and over and over again over many many years!

This module of the Blueprint Project Black Edition includes an amazing tool called Discover Niches, that will be invaluable in your quest to find the right things to sell. This tool identifies markets that have enough people searching to buy and markets which have low competition.

The makers of the Blueprint Project Black Edition wanted to make sure that their customers didn’t need to have any sort of experience in web-design, they didn’t have to know what a web server is or what an SSL certificate is.

As a result, they have included the easiest to use, e-commerce platform that will help you set up your e-commerce website with just a push of a button.

This platform has gone through many iterations and evolution over the last 3 years. The creators and users of this platform use it for every single on of their projects! This means that the platform is constantly upgraded to include the best practices of e-commerce.

To use this platform, you don’t have to be a copywriter or a web designer. You simply push a button and it installs your website. Included in the installation are the best practices and processes that The Blueprint Project team have developed over many years. This alone gives you a major competitive advantage over your competitors.

Moreover, unlike other similar software, you don’t have to, ever, pay for this software that comes with the Blueprint Project Black Edition. You can use it on any domain, for any duration of time without any restrictions.

Now that you’ve found your market and your niche and you’ve got your site built, you need to find a reliable supplier or a partner who is gonna handle all your inventory and shipping.

There are very few directories or information sources on the internet that give you access to a database of reliable suppliers of different products. Moreover, the ones that do exist either charge you a recurring monthly fee or a flat one time fee of several hundred dollars.

The Blueprint Project team desperately wanted to a one stop shop which gives its customers a business in a box so that the customers don’t have to buy absolutely anything else!

As a consequence of this vision, they have invested heavily in developing their own database of suppliers. This database is included in the price of the Blueprint Project Black Edition. This database has thousands of suppliers who supply millions of products.

Good question. And the simple answer is because the Blueprint Project Black Edition is akin to Niche Blueprint on steroids. This will help you absolutely knock the winds out of your competitors. By using the information present in the Blueprint Project Black Edition, you will be able to dominate your chosen niche like never before.

And you know what the best part is? It doesn’t matter how competitive your niche is!


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