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Sliding Door

main parts imported from Euro, such as Germany motor, Phillipe Chip, Belgium BEA rador.

Manufacturer - KBB Int'l Co., Ltd.
Model # - KS1000
Submitted By - KBB Int'l Co.,Ltd. (Manufacturer)
Country - China
Category - Construction

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Power supply :   220VAC±10%,50HZ ,10A
Rated power :   100W
Max. door opening wei :   150N
UPS backup battery :   30min
Ambient temperature :   -30℃~50℃
Max. relative humidit :   90%
Protection level :   IP23


With combinations of European product design and strict working principal product theories, KS1000 was designed with a steadfast and beautiful style, exceptional functions, advanced stability and durability. Having exceptional support and praise from users, KS1000 is already being used by airports and focal engineering programs around China.
1. Multi-functional
The KS series products offer costumers manual functions, automatic functions, single directional functions and 4 locking options. Additionally offering settings such as motion speed, opening width and lock open options. Over 30 motion parameters.
2. Ultra quiet running system
The unique step less gear changing unit and deceleration system all function with the help of special lubrication technology. KBB's original nylon fiber slide way and self lubricating nylon bearing system enormously contributes to noise reduction.
3. Safety precautions
Automated reverse slide function automatically kicks in when resistance is detected.
The Infra-red safety beam/photocell is constantly scanning for obstacles and implements appropriate safety protocols.
An Electro-mechanical locking system provides a much more secure lock.
4. Long life design.
All models have undergone over 3,000,000 inspection examinations including high and low temperature tests.
Models have been run for 72 hours at 70 with out trouble. Low temperature tests prove normal running operation to an impressive -17.
5. Multiple opening options
Touch sensor option: using Infra-red sensors for door activation.
Keypad option: using combination digits, fingerprint recognition and intelligent cipher code door activation.
Swipe card option: using IC card, radio frequency card and radio frequency cipher card door activation.
Push button option: hand activation buttons, foot activation buttons and distance activation door activation.
Remarks: Design and specification are subject to change without notice. Products are tailored to meet your requirement.


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