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SEM DX-CD2 CD/DVD Digital Shredder

The DX-CD2 is the newest generation of CD-ROM and DVD destruction devices produced by the industry leader in the field of data destruction.

Manufacturer - SEM
Model # - DX-CD2
Submitted By - Mono Machines LLC (Retailer, Distributor)
Country - United States
Category - Office : Equipment : Shredders

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SEM DX-CD2 CD-DVD Digital ShredderSEM DX-CD2 CD-DVD Digital Shredder_1logo


Voltage :   100 - 120v (Standard)
Auto Oiler :   Optional
Continuous Motor :   No
Can Shred :   CDs
Security Level :   No


The DX-CD2 is the newest generation of CD-ROM and DVD destruction devices produced by the industry leader in the field of data destruction. This product is designed with the high-security sector in mind and follows the high quality standards we have used for the past few years in our Department of Defense (DoD) product line. The DX-CD2 Second Generation DX-CDe Destruction Device is lightweight, quiet enough for an office environment, safe, clean, and inexpensive to operate. 1) Dimpling - a process which puts a square impression on the surface of the discs, 2) Strip Cut Shredding - a modified paper shredder which cuts straight across the length or width of the discs in various widths the smallest being about 7mm, 3) Cross Cut Shredding - a modified paper shredder which cuts squares or rectangles in various lengths and widths the smallest being 5mm by 5mm, 4) Disintegration - used for currency destruction; a cross cut type of process which in currency produces rectangle or square pieces about 4mm by 4mm, 5) Grinding - a process which grinds the entire coating layer and chemical substrate from the surface of the discs. In the case of DVDs they must first be split and then A CD-ROM is made up of multiple layers: Data resides in the information layer of pits and lands. Data is a sequence of 9 unique spaces of lands and 9 unique sizes of pits. Data is embedded in the polycarbonate. Data is contained in the polycarbonate surface of a commercially produced CD-ROM disc to a depth of 100 nanometers (0.001mm). To destroy the data 100% in a commercially produced disc the grinding process needs to just penetrate the polycarbonate layer. Data is contained in the chemical layer on a recordable disc between the polycarbonate layer and the protective surfacing on the discs. To destroy 100% of the data contained in a CD-R or CD-RW disc - the chemical surfacing above the polycarbonate needs to be removed. The grinding process of the DX-CD2 provides complete 100% destruction of the information layer of both commercially produced CD-ROM discs and CD recordable discs. The DX-CD2s technology physically removes the information layer from the CD-ROM permanently and safely while keeping the CD intact.

SEM DX-CD2 - CD and DVD Digital Shredder by D3. Inc.
Destroys and erases CDs and DVDs in 18 seconds
NSA/CSS 04-02 approved for Optical Media Destruction
Meets NIST SP 800-88 standard for Optical Disc Destruction
HIPAA, FACTA, Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach-Bliley compliant
Environmentally Safe
Includes an extra cutter and extra dust collection bags
Government Pricing Available


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