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Portable Microscope Camera - Assay series (A500)

X-LOUPE® Assay Series – A500 With state-of-the-art microscopy technology unites digital camera to create the world's first portable microscope camera, X-Loupe® can achieve lens magnifications from 60x up to 150x.

Manufacturer - Lumos Technology Co., Ltd.
Model # - Unique Cross-domain Integration -- X-Loupe®
SKU - X-LOUPE® Assay Series – A500
Submitted By - Lumos Technology Co., Ltd. (Manufacturer, Developer)
Country - Taiwan
Category - Microscope Accessory

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Number of Objective L :   3
FOV (Field of View) :   60X:16x12mm, 100X:9x6.5mm, 150X: 5.7x4.5mm
Lens Material & Desig :   Schott® lead-free Optical glass, Made in Germany; H
Recommended DSC* with :   Approx. 12MP
Camera Resolution :   Canon IXY Digital 220 IS, a.k.a. Digital IXUS 120 I
Lens Coating :   Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection (AR) coating


The breakthrough the microscope only could be used in the labs

With state-of-the-art microscopy technology unites digital camera to create the world's first portable microscope camera, X-Loupe® can achieve lens magnifications from 60x up to 150x, are supplied to support its utilization under various circumstances. The multiple functions, such as built-in LED lighting and AF, will enable X-Loupe beyond the confine of microscopes which used to only be used in the labs. Providing new methods to examine micro subjects, X-Loupe® makes the micro inspections become easier.
Overcoming the focusing barrier of combining a microscope lens and digital camera, the X-Loupe, comprise a digital still camera and microscope module, simultaneously retains the dual functionalities for the portability of camera and the exchangeability of module lenses (1); to make use of the excellent optical focusing function by camera, and the patented "fully dimmable illumination”(2), enable X-Loupe to focus quickly and correctly is proper to increase productivity of micro inspection for all trades and professions whenever need.

1) 3 different magnifications lenses for 60x, 100x to 150x.
(2) 8 built-in white LEDs of the patented illumination to provide the stable and continuous lighting source, condition success of taking the micro photos; only by having the uninterrupted lighting, the ‘Real-time Preview function’ of the camera can be used to help to observe, settle then take a shot for the users’ need.

Simple to Carry, Look Over in Real-time - Weighing only 300gms, the miniature microscope body size is dexterous not bigger than a Tetra Brik Aseptic (Tetra Pak); A500 allows you at anytime, everywhere and with any angle, directly benefit by the camera 3.0” LCD screen to easily perform clear, detailed micro inspections, and there’s no need for external computer/ monitor.

Accuracy and Speed - This compact contrivance comes with the module lens based on the Spherical Lens Technology used in Satellite Remote Sensing Application, and employs the German SCHOTT® high quality and lead-free optics lenses; Taking a shot on micro-component with Autofocus, only take about 0.5 second to provide the sharp, natural and super high-quality images.

Concurrently Equipped Quality and Practicality - with pithy design for modern professionals, the X-Loupe A500 is crafted in whole black housing, brushed aluminum finish with metallic silver for elegant look; Compare with the general plastic shell product, the A500 rigid housing, is of light high strength aluminum alloy to withstand the collision and abrasion, simultaneously provides the protection for internal fine components. With an ergonomic design for the module and camera body width to suit the palm for a convenient grip, even if single-handed also can operate the micro-shooting.

Efficiency with Full light - The adjustable illumination from 0% to 100% for the 8 built–in white LEDs providing stable & continuous lighting, abridged exposure time, further reducing the impact of hand vibration, to condition the success of micro-photography. Only the uninterrupted lighting will enable the camera function: Auto-Exposure, Auto Focus and Auto White Balance, to bring the micro-shooting into full play, effectively and factually display the object’s detail.

0-cm Working Distance - The design of close-up working distance for X-Loupe A500, allows the lens to be completely on the top of the subjects(1), enable X-Loupe A500 to take photos of subjects ranging in size from 10 microns ~ 6 mm; to present the detail beyond your imagination.

(1) Recommended to use the patented ‘Silicon Lens Contact Ring’ to prevent the lens from rubbing on the fragile or delicate object, to stabilize the lens and then reduce vibration while shooting. Also helping you to adjust optimal focus angle and distance while pressing on the ring.

Long-lasting Power - The rechargeable battery of X-Loupe has a SANYO (Japan) lithium battery core; the enduring power enables X-Loupe A500 could take about 150 photos and will last the illumination over 13 hours in a state of turning on all 8 LEDs.

Comparative reusability for extended using, conform to market request - Different from other similar products in the way of restricted continuation, the Micro picture resolution of X-Loupe can be upgraded via the megapixel level* unceasing going of the latest compatible cameras for X-Loupe. Therefore, compare with those similar products, X-Loupe offers affordable price to meet your need in progress of getting the super fine resolution.

*The megapixel so far between 8 to 10 MP.

Brand-New & High-end, Simple to Operate -
① Choose the lens you need.
② Attach the lens to the module.
③ Assemble the module with the camera.
④ Adjust the camera.
⑤ Focus the subject.

The preceding hood (barrel) could be removed for getting longer working distance.


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