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Cheap HSTNN-I35C 11.1V,9 cell laptop batteries,battery for hp compaq HSTNN-I35C

original battery for hp compaq HSTNN-I35C, 11.1 voltage, 7800 mAh, 9 cells, Li-ion laptop batteries

Manufacturer - h p
Model # - compaq HSTNN-I35C
Submitted By - tangcheng (Distributor)
Country - China
Category - Electronics : Battery : Laptop Battery

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Battery Type :   Li-ion
Property :   original battery
Voltage :   11.1 V
Color :   Black
Warranty :   9 months
Price :   $81.70


HSTNN-I35C laptop battery is compatible with the following models :
Pavilion HDX9000 CTO
Pavilion HDX9000 Series
Pavilion HDX9000T CTO
Pavilion HDX9001TX
Pavilion HDX9001XX
Pavilion HDX9002TX
Pavilion HDX9002XX
Pavilion HDX9003TX
Pavilion HDX9003XX
Pavilion HDX9004TX
Pavilion HDX9004XX
Pavilion HDX9005TX
Pavilion HDX9006TX
Pavilion HDX9007TX
Pavilion HDX9008TX
Pavilion HDX9009TX
Pavilion HDX9010NR
Pavilion HDX9010TX
Pavilion HDX9011TX
Pavilion HDX9013TX
Pavilion HDX9050EF
Pavilion HDX9050EG
Pavilion HDX9050EL
Pavilion HDX9050EO
Pavilion HDX9050ES
Pavilion HDX9070EO
Pavilion HDX9080la
Pavilion HDX9090EA
Pavilion HDX9090EF
Pavilion HDX9095EA
Pavilion HDX9100 Series
Pavilion HDX9101TX
Pavilion HDX9102TX
Pavilion HDX9103TX
Pavilion HDX9104TX
Pavilion HDX9105TX
Pavilion HDX9106TX
Pavilion HDX9107TX
Pavilion HDX9108TX
Pavilion HDX9109TX
Pavilion HDX9110TX
Pavilion HDX9111TX
Pavilion HDX9120EA
Pavilion HDX9130EG
Pavilion HDX9130EL
Pavilion HDX9130EO
Pavilion HDX9130ES
Pavilion HDX9150EF
Pavilion HDX9160EA
Pavilion HDX9170EO
Pavilion HDX9190EF
Pavilion HDX9200 CTO
Pavilion HDX9200 Series
Pavilion HDX9200EO
Pavilion HDX9201TX
Pavilion HDX9201XX
Pavilion HDX9202TX
Pavilion HDX9202XX
Pavilion HDX9203KW
Pavilion HDX9203TX
Pavilion HDX9203XX
Pavilion HDX9204KW
Pavilion HDX9204TX
Pavilion HDX9204XX
Pavilion HDX9205TX
Pavilion HDX9206TX
Pavilion HDX9207TX
Pavilion HDX9208TX
Pavilion HDX9209TX
Pavilion HDX9210TX
Pavilion HDX9211TX
Pavilion HDX9212TX
Pavilion HDX9213TX
Pavilion HDX9214TX
Pavilion HDX9215TX
Pavilion HDX9216TX
Pavilion HDX9217TX
Pavilion HDX9218TX
Pavilion HDX9219TX
Pavilion HDX9220TX
Pavilion HDX9221TX
Pavilion HDX9222TX
Pavilion HDX9223TX
Pavilion HDX9224TX
Pavilion HDX9225TX
Pavilion HDX9226TX
Pavilion HDX9227TX
Pavilion HDX9228TX
Pavilion HDX9229TX
Pavilion HDX9230TX
Pavilion HDX9250EA
Pavilion HDX9250EF
Pavilion HDX9250ET
Pavilion HDX9270EE
Pavilion HDX9270EF
Pavilion HDX9270EG
Pavilion HDX9278LA
Pavilion HDX9280EL
Pavilion HDX9280LA
Pavilion HDX9288LA
Pavilion HDX9290EF
Pavilion HDX9290EZ
Pavilion HDX9290LA
Pavilion HDX9300 Series
Pavilion HDX9301TX
Pavilion HDX9301XX
Pavilion HDX9302TX
Pavilion HDX9302XX
Pavilion HDX9303TX
Pavilion HDX9303XX
Pavilion HDX9304TX
Pavilion HDX9305TX
Pavilion HDX9306TX
Pavilion HDX9307TX
Pavilion HDX9308TX
Pavilion HDX9309TX
Pavilion HDX9310EA
Pavilion HDX9310TX
Pavilion HDX9311TX
Pavilion HDX9312TX
Pavilion HDX9313TX
Pavilion HDX9314TX
Pavilion HDX9315TX
Pavilion HDX9316TX
Pavilion HDX9317TX
Pavilion HDX9318TX
Pavilion HDX9319TX
Pavilion HDX9320EA
Pavilion HDX9320EG
Pavilion HDX9320ET
Pavilion HDX9320TX
Pavilion HDX9321TX
Pavilion HDX9322TX
Pavilion HDX9323TX
Pavilion HDX9324TX
Pavilion HDX9325TX
Pavilion HDX9350EB
Pavilion HDX9350EF
Pavilion HDX9350EG
Pavilion HDX9350EL
Pavilion HDX9350EO
Pavilion HDX9350ES
Pavilion HDX9370EE
Pavilion HDX9390EE
Pavilion HDX9390EF
Pavilion HDX9390EL
Pavilion HDX9399SX
Pavilion HDX9400
Pavilion HDX9401TX
Pavilion HDX9402TX


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