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Cubic Zirconia European Machine Cut Stones Cz’s, White Colors, Round, Oval

Large Selection of Cubic Zirconia CZ Top Syper Quality Stones, Round Shapes, Princess Cut , Oval Shapes, Emerald, Cushion, Pear, Asscher, Star Cut Stones, Heart & Arrows Cut. We also carry Cubic Zirconia diamond jewelry. Cubic Zirconia Eu

Manufacturer - Cubic Zirconia European Machine Cut Stones Cz’s
Model # - www.nathaan-gem
SKU - Cubic zirconia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Submitted By - Cubic Zirconia Stones for Jewelry (Manufacturer, Distributor)
Country - Thailand
Category - Jewelry : Fashion Jewelry : Diamond Earrings

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Cz Stones :   Jewelry
Synthetic Stones :   Jewellery
Star Cut :   Cubic Zirconia
Lindy Star :   Gemstones
Blue Saphire :   Syn Stones


The "New Secret" for keeping CZ's Stones brilliance, sparkle, & fire is: to KEEP THEM Always CLEAN !

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Caring for your Cubic Zirconia Stones Jewelry

1. Cubic Zirconium Stones that is set in Carat-gold or sterling silver can be worn For everyday.

2. While almost as hard as diamonds, even diamonds can chip if hit the right way. So take precautions, such as removing jewelry when doing heavy work.

3. Soap can leave a sparkle-dimming film, so remove your CZ jewelry before showering or cleaning. Similarly, remove jewelry when applying makeup and face/body powder, as they can dull its shine.

4. Have your jewelry checked by a jeweler regularly. He will check for loose settings and professionally clean the jewelry as well.

Cleaning Your Cs Stones Jewelry

1. The more you clean your CZ jewelry the more spectacular it will look. All jewelry loses its beauty if soap, hand cream, dirt and body oils collect and solidify on it.

2.. The best way to clean your CZ jewelry is to soak it in a brand-name liquid jewelry cleaner. Most solutions come with a small, soft brush for hard to reach areas. For better cleaning, use an ultrasonic cleaner with cleaning solution.

3. In between clean-ups, polish with a chamois cloth or cotton towel.
4... Have your jewelry professionally cleaned & checked regularly, He will check for loose settings, as well do a superior cleaning job.

Chemical composition -- ZrO2- Zirconium oxide plus yttrium or calcium.
Color -- Colorless when pure, but many colors are provided by small chemical additives..
Refractive Index -- 2.23 (singly refractive).
Dispersion-- .060-.066.
Durability-- Hardness 8.5.
Specific Gravity -- 5.65 - 5.8 (gm/cm3)
Crystal structure -- Isometric (cubic).


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