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Hard Drive Test/Wipe/Repair Tool - King Kesender Mini

The King Kesender Mini is the leading service tool for HDD test/wipe/repair in the hard drive recycling industry for its speed, simple user interface and superior ability to evaluate HDDs, securely erase data and repair bad sectors.

Manufacturer - YEC
Model # - Y-1759
Submitted By - Ji2, Inc. (Manufacturer, Distributor)
Country - United States
Category - Computers : Hardware : Hard Drive Storage

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Hard Drive Interface :   ATA, SATA, SCSI
Port Number :   1
Weight :   4.4 lbs.
Dimensions :   200x115x40(mm)
Power :   90-240V


The King Kesender Mini is a high quality, easy to use hardware utility for testing, wiping and repairing hard drives. Think of it as an upgrade from slow, inefficient software utilities that are commonly used for hard drive processing. The King Kesender Mini is the leading service tool in the hard drive recycling industry for its speed, simple user interface and superior ability to evaluate hard drives, securely erase all existing data and repair bad sectors.

* Fastest processing speed in industry (2?5 gb/min). Runs slightly below actual Hard Drive data transfer rate
* Stand Alone or PC Controlled operation (free PC Host software)
* Works for any MFG ATA/IDE, SATA*, and SCSI 3.5" - 2.5" - 1.8" - 1.0" - 0.85" size Hard Drive
(All PIO/UDMA Modes, All Narrow/Wide/SCA, and Serial ATA Modes. Optional adapter needed for SATA hard drives)
* Wide range of Test functions for determining hard drive integrity and life expectancy
(Quick Test, Comprehensive Test, Running Test, Sector Evaluation, Read-Write-Read-Compare, Random Seek, All Verify)
(Identifies bad sectors by LBA address and progressive MB%)
* Quick Test function for Hard Drive evaluation in 30-120 seconds. Runs more tests in less time compared to leading software test programs (eg: Western Digital and Seagate test programs)
* Performs SMART Data list and analysis commands (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology)
(record and analyze raw SMART Data or program the King Kesender Mini to automatically evaluate SMART Data)
* Bad Sector Repair functions (automatic Sector Reallocation and Clip (HPA) function)
(Notes: Reallocation is a permanent repair measure per sector. Clip function may significantly reduce Hard Drive capacity)
* Low Level Format function for secure data erasure (1 time overwrite of each Hard Drive sector)
(Input any HEX values (E5, 00, FF, Ji2cetc) for overwrite procedure)
* Various Hard Drive Wipe (erase) methods according to ANY method or protocol (multi-pas HEX overwrite)
(DOD5220.00M, HIPAA, British Standard 7799, ISO17799, 30 second (500mb) wipe or any custom method)
* Network up to 4 units to make a single 4-Port unit (control through host computer)
* Adjustable Parameters for every function (tailor each operation to your specific needs)
* Software Host and Reporting System controls the King Kesender Mini and creates log files for data monitoring and archiving
(data is updated and viewable in real time).
* Automate any combination of Test/Erase/Repair functions (one push-of-a-button) ( Example: Set a task chain for Quick Test>> Erase >> Repair Bad Sectors)


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